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yoga poses to treat acidity

5 Effective yoga poses to treat acidity

Acidity, or acid reflux, is a common problem we all experience from time to time. Acid reflux is more common when the stomach produces excessive acid. The muscle ring located at the lower end of the alimentary tract cannot prevent the acid from moving through the food pipe, and it causes the formation of acid reflux and heartburn.
remedies for acidity

10 quick home remedies to reduce acidity

Acidity is the sensation you feel when the contents of your stomach rise into the oesophagus and towards your mouth and causes irritation and damage to the oesophagus lining. To digest food, the gastric glands inside our stomach secrete acid. But, when the gastric glands release excessive acid, we suffer from acidity. The burning sensation felt in the stomach, chest, or throat is a common symptom of acidity. An acidic person may also experience gas, indigestion, vomiting, frequent burps, constipation, bad breath etc.
Remedies for heartburn

How to avoid frequent heartburn in 5 simple steps

The Lower oesophageal Sphincter is the muscle that regulates the passage between the oesophagus and the stomach. If it isn't entirely closed, the stomach's acid and food can flow back to your oesophagus. It is the condition referred to as acid reflux. The most frequent sign associated with acid reflux may be the burning feeling in your chest, also known as heartburn. While most people use medication to treat heartburn and acid reflux, many lifestyle changes can help to reduce symptoms and improve the living quality.
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