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Maruthua Panchajeerakagudam

21 Reviews

Maruthua Panchajeerakagudam is an Ayurvedic Herbal Supplement for women to improve immunity, increase energy and give their skin an everlasting glow! Maruthua Panchajeerakagudam provides relief from menstrual cramps and is a good supplement for pre pregnancy women and post pregnancy.



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Maruthua Pancha Jeeraka gudam is a herbal recipe adapted from the ancient texts of Sahasrayogam. Panchajeeraka gudam brings you the real goodness of Ayurveda.

Consuming Maruthua Panchajeeraka gudam will improve women’s overall health by boosting immunity, increasing energy and giving a lasting glow to your skin.

Maruthua Panchajeeraka Gudam is an excellent supplement for women suffering from gastric and reproductive ailments. It gives all the essential nutrients during pregnancy and post-natal period.

Key Benefits of Maruthua Panchajeeraka gudam

Weight management
Improving Skin Tone Naturally
Providing Relief from Menstrual Problems
Fighting Back Pain, Dizziness, Fatigue, Excessive Bleeding, Anaemia and Discharge
Ideal for Prenatal and Postnatal Care

How to use:

Maruthua Panchajeeraka gudam is available in the form of a lehya, a paste. For the best possible results, consume one tablespoon of Maruthua Pancha Jeeraka Gudam after breakfast and dinner for a course of three months.

Latest reviews

  1. Raji

    I bought it for my teenage daughter who is very shy about her body shape. Maruthua panchajeerakagudam really helped her in building confidence. It is really a magical ayurvedic medicine.

  2. Praveen

    I recently bought this supplement for my pregnant wife after consulting with our gynec. It’s really good for proper digestion. It helped relieve some of her all-day nausea. Highly recommended to all pregnant ladies.

  3. Shreekutty

    I have been taking this ayurvedic supplement for the past 4 months and have noticed a significant difference in my energy. My menstrual cramps faded away after having this and I got my cycle back on track.

  4. Aswathy Soman

    Best option for those who want a good body shape and healthy body. I have been using it for the past 3 months and have never felt a bad effect on my health.

  5. Arya

    I am writing this genuine review after waiting to see the result. Now I’m about to finish the bottle and I must say I have an observable difference in my body and mind. You can evidently see a difference in body shape even after one week of use. The best product for women’s wellness i must say! Every woman should try this.

  6. Saba Salim

    Bought one bottle and paid via COD, charged little extra. Bought it by paying online and got it for good deal.

  7. Akansha Tiwari

    I really loved the product, as prior I was skeptical about the product but I thought to give a try on it and done a trial for consuming it for 15 days I was shocked, I gained 3kg this worked wonders for me. Thanks a lot Maruthua Panchajeerakagudam. Will finish this bottle and buy more soon.

  8. Seema MS

    Little over priced and courier guys delivered the package very late.

  9. Supriya C (verified owner)

    I have been using Marutwa Panchajirakagudam for six months. This is a very beneficial medicine for women. Helps to gain weight. I would like to convey my sincere thanks to Lifekart for their fast delivery even though in this Covid-19 scenario.

  10. Aditi Rao

    Good product. will definitely buy again. Fast delivery also. Reduce price a bit.

  11. Usha nandhini

    I am using this product since one year, its really good product.

  12. Manyatha Prasad

    Good ayurvedic supplement. It actually makes me hungry so frequently . Good for lean body type people. It is even beneficial for pregnant women.Very nice in this price.

  13. Yvonne Crasta

    Ideal for pregnant women. Promotes lactation. Helped me to maintain milk supply after I returned to work after pregnancy.

  14. Suraj Adam

    Bought for my wife, didnt feel much difference.

  15. Lata Gehlot

    Quite good product.Very nice, gives me a good boost of energy. Abit costly, but would love to buy again. And also, it is a pure ayurvedic product (safe to use).

  16. Sumaira Mehraj

    Amazing product for weight gain, I really like this. Actually I tried so many products, but all in vain finally I used this product for a few weeks and I can see good results. Useful for skinny person I suggest you to go for it.

  17. Sradha Mohandas

    A really effective product that brings results and very cost-effective.
    After using this amazing product it has brought great results in one month’s time and compared to other products in the market it is very cost-efficient and seriously brings results as it has done to me. It brought changes effectively in shaping my body in a good way. I would recommend using this product if you are trying to increase your body mass and get a good shape.

  18. Nivetha

    I waited to see the results to post a genuine review, now I’m about to finish bottle and I must say I have an observable difference, the weight gain is real, actually, you can notice a slight difference in a week. So far the best product for women! Go for it !!

  19. Priyadarshini Aalwin

    I have used Pancha Geeraka gudam , and it’s a very wonderful product for skin glow and getting a very good structure. But my only problem is increasing weight which I am trying to reduce. I want the same good effects and weight-reducing property in your product.please make it possible.

  20. Naghma Muneer Ahmed

    I had many health issues before using this product. Tried many products including ayurvedic treatment, & medicine it was not helpful.. After using this product for a month can see amazing results. I can suggest that whoever would like to buy can go for it.
    Thank you for this amazing opportunity.
    I tried many products to gain weight but I failed in everything trying it. I had very bad mensuration problems & weakness, after consulting many doctors nothing was helpful. I was also facing flat breasts, did many things but nothing was helpful. But after having MARUTHUA PANCHAJEERAKAGUDAM before finishing one bottle can see very good results in me. It’s an amazing product. Thank you so much TheLifekart for this product.

  21. Pranaali

    Maruthua Panchajeerakagudam is really effective ?? My sister use to have horrible pain during periods. And now it has vanished. And she also put up some weight. With no side effects… ??? Really good product. Their service is also good. No complaints.

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