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Algamin Arthrit – Ease

81 Reviews

Algamin, previously known as Cadalmin, is formulated by a group of eminent scientists of the Government of India.

✔️ Enriched with Natural Bio active ingredients
✔️ Rich in Fiber
✔️ Low moisture content Vegan HPMC capsules
✔️ Developed from 100% Natural Marine Seaweed from the Ocean

Algamin Arthrit- Ease is a unique blend of anti-inflammatory ingredients extracted from brown seaweed that combats inflammatory pain in the mobility joints.


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2 capsules two times a day with food for the first 3 months. Then maintain dose of 1 capsule daily.

Key Features

  • Relieves you from Joint pain in knees, shoulders etc.
  • 100% Natural Remedy for Arthritis
  • Improves Joint Health and Mobility
  • No harm or Adverse reaction in the Body

What is Arthritis?

Arthritis is pain and stiffness in your joints caused due to inflammation.In particular joints, there are empty spaces which facilitate mobility. Micro-organisms tend to attack the tissues in this area leading to Inflammation that causes pain and stiffness in your joints. Wear and tear, infections, and underlying diseases are few reasons that cause Arthritis in the human body.

Introducing you to Algamin!

Algamin is a seaweed based natural remedy that will provide you relief from various lifestyle ailments like Arthritis, Diabetes, and hypertension.

  • Enriched with Natural Bio active ingredients
  • Rich in Fiber
  • Low moisture content Vegan HPMC capsules
  • Dairy Free
  • No Harmful Chemicals or Pesticides
  • Gluten Free
  • No Pesticides

How Algamin Arthrit- Ease puts your joints at ease?

Algamin Arthrit- Ease is a unique blend of anti-inflammatory ingredients extracted from brown seaweed (Marine Macro-Algae) to combat inflammatory pain in the mobility joints. The Natural Bio-Active ingredients in Algamin Arthrit-Ease inhibit the human auto-immune system by reducing the production of inflammation-causing agents.

Interesting Fact :

Studies have shown a visible reduction of R.A Factor (Rheumatoid Arthritis Factor) up to 5 times within 3-4 months of regular intake of Algamin Arthrit-Ease.

ALGAMIN vs Synthetic/Allopathic Drugs

Algamin Synthetic/Allopathic Drugs
100% Natural Bio-Active Ingredients Synthetic or Chemical Ingredients
No Side Effects Mild to serious health consequences like stomach bleeding, stroke and acute renal failure
Scientifically proven and documented by Government of India Scientifically proven and documented by Government of India
Targets the root cause on Inflammation Suppresses the symptoms and relieves pain only

Latest reviews

  1. Chandrashekhar kabra (verified owner)

    Algamin : is it helpful in shoulder pain, neck besides knees

    • TheLifeKart Admin

      Hi, Please contact 8075111312 for more information.

  2. Lima

    This product is very beneficial for me ,since my daily routine is extremely busy. This is why I was faced with a variety of problems like my joints began to hurt a lot at times and I would suffer muscle strains but after I began using Algamin arithrit-ease in the past month, I’m very relaxed and can concentrate on my daily life instead of the pain I used to endure.

  3. Faiza

    Been using the product regularly for a month now ! Its splendid – felt so much relief. I have had 3 tablets regularly every day like mentioned on the bottle. This is a highly reeccomened product.

  4. Mathew

    I’m very pleased by this medication and the outcomes. I’m a descendant of a person with a history of joint discomfort . It started to manifest recently after I experienced pain that was beginning to appear in my knees and fingers particularly following monsoons. After consuming this tablet for 15 days I saw a huge difference in my pain. I will update my review after onemonth of use here.

  5. Sneha

    My daughter, who is 19 years old, had been diagnosed as having rheumatoid arthritis in the last year. She was taking Algamin Arithrit ease for a few months. she is doing well. Recently, we had blood tests and the inflammation is almost completely adverse consequences for her. I’m hoping this medicine will assist other patients.

  6. Wilfred

    I started taking Algamin Arithrit-ease tablet to treat RA one month ago. I thought it could take at minimum 3 months but before I notice a noticeable result, I’m more relaxed than I was over the past year. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been capable of playing basketball alongside my child as well as moving without thinking about pain. I planned to restart my workout soon. Now I’m able to take pleasure in things once more and live with no discomfort. thank you life kart.

  7. Jincy

    I am a 45-year-old female suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis for around 3 years. I’ve been using this tablet for the last 1 year and it has reduced joint swelling and pain. X-rays scans have revealed a reduction in joint damage. I’ve tried many drug reactions but haven’t had any of them work like Lifekart’s product. However, I have experienced occasional flares in cold, wet weather, which goes away in two days after taking This tablet

  8. Gracy

    Been taking the Algamin arthritis ease tablet for about 3 months now. The first dose of a tablet in the morning with food and take one with dinner too. I feel really better in pain. I continue to take the tablet for 3 months regularly two times a day and really feel more comfortable than before.

  9. Muhammad

    I have some arthritis in my knee. I tried this product by seeing my cousin who had a better experience with this product. and from the first dose itself, it seemed to help me a lot. I found it worked better on my arthritis without any risky side effects.

  10. Sindhu

    Again arthritis-ease is the only painkiller I can use for my achy joints. I have tried self-medication to save money but they don’t work. I’ve been taking this for about a month and it is working! It relieves my daily achiness and pain. Be sure not to exceed the recommended dosage and check with your doctor before using but this works for me.

  11. Zulfikar Ali

    My right knee was surgery due to pain in 2018. since then my knee become stiff and immobable. Would this medicine benifitted for this case

    • TheLifeKart Admin

      Hi Zulfikar, Please contact 8075111312 for more information.

  12. Akarsh

    This is the only medicine that showed me any result

  13. Chanchal

    Is this product gluten free?

  14. sebastian

    Amazing product. but feel like a little expensive

  15. Alice

    Good product and very well packed

  16. Vasudev

    I have been suffering from arthritis for the last 1yrs. This product has worked miracles for me. I have much better flexibility.

  17. Prithvi

    Just in 15days, it reduced arthritis pain, an excellent product. Highly recommended

  18. Sudarsana

    The product is trustworthy. Delivered my order within 4 days of order.

  19. Sumaya

    Awesome one my mom said its very energetic and feels little to no pain. She is improving day by day.

  20. Kannan

    This is one of the best medications for arthritis. Highly suggest.

  21. Chandini

    I have suffered from Arthritis and this medication is the only thing that helped me to get out of that.

  22. Chaithanya

    Finally, I got a natural remedy to fight arthritis! Thank you lifekart

  23. Anaswara

    My uncle used it for a year and now I am buying it for my own family. Hope it works like how it did for my uncle.

  24. Anima

    I’m still in shock by how swiftly and effectively it has helped with chronic pain in the joints of the toe thumb and foot. With only the first dose I felt a huge change and I am still not feeling any discomfort. It’s still a bit tender, but there is no pain.

  25. Chaithanya

    It’s among the most effective treatments for swelling and pain. It’s a natural remedy, which means there are no negative consequences to the medicines you’re taking. They show visible effects in a short time.

  26. Ameya

    Timely delivery. Starting my dose today. Is any dosage preference other than the one recommended?

  27. Kalyani

    Natural bio-active ingredients over chemicals any time. Works wonders.

  28. Alan

    This works for me. Been taking this for the last few months after being recommended by a doctor.

  29. Sreejith

    Good product. Would recommend to anyone who’s just starting to experience arthritis.

  30. Ansar

    Happy with this product. My grandma no longer has to limp with pain during her walk.

  31. Anwar

    Great product. Ordered one for me first. Now getting another one for my father. Works well.

  32. Joel

    I purchased these to alleviate the pain caused by arthritis in my hands. My fingers are so painful that I cannot bend them. These tabs ease stiffness, swelling, and pain so that I can go about my day. They do not interfere with other medications and I’ve never had problems with these tablets. If you’re looking for aid in your arthritis, this will be the best choice!

  33. Keerthi

    I was a bit unsure about whether these could be effective for me with Rheumatoid arthritis, but they appear to ease inflammation and joint pain that has occurred in my joints. It takes time to enter the bloodstream, so I ordered a second box.

  34. Midhlaj

    Nice product. Could have checked over the price again though.

  35. Ajayan

    It might be costly, but definitely worth it.

  36. Dhanesh

    This tablet goes to work right away and is very effective.

  37. Nila

    I’ve been using this for a month. It eases the pain in my joints tremendously. I highly recommend this product.

  38. Rohith

    Really helpful product. Perfect air-tight packing and on-time delivery. fully satisfied

  39. Chandana

    This does really effective for my arthritic hands. I am so satisfied

  40. Shally

    Very glad I tried this for arthritic discomfort. It really did wonders on me.

  41. Venu

    It really works. I have severe arthritis in my neck and this helped me to get rid of that!

  42. Bhuvana Sachar

    Good product. Haven’t recovered completely, and still feel the stiffness around the joints on my hands and legs. One step at a time I guess.

  43. Ravindra Saraf

    My grandpa used it for a few weeks and recommended it to my father. Now they are both running around and enjoying the pandemic break at home well.

  44. Rajnish Andra

    Heard about this and got one for my mother who is old. The price for one bottle is really out of my reach, but consumed half the bottle and she feels fine already.

  45. Sadhika Khosla

    Maybe it is because of it’s natural ingredients, I feel no side effects like heavy drowsiness that we usually feel after taking the modern painkillers.

  46. Esha Sridhar

    This has been a magic for my arthritis pain! It works way better than I ever thought it would. I can’t recommend this enough.

  47. Chandra Sahni

    Have been using this for some time. It’s been helping me really well with my knee pain after a whole day’s work.

  48. Samarth Mane

    Arthrit-ease has been very helpful to several of my older family members. It’s gluten free, so no matter what your diet is, this wouldn’t affect your lifestyle.

  49. Nitya Pal

    Algamin makes my join pain bearable.

  50. Manjusha Lata

    One pill and a sleep later, my father is able to walk down the road without wincing in pain.

  51. Devadas Kapoor

    One bottle down, and I have never been better or active in the recent years. Algamin arthrit-ease has been doing miracles for me.

  52. Dhananjay Kakar

    The stiffness on my elbow had gotten loose after 2 weeks of taking this tablet. It’s good.

  53. Kamala Devi

    I used to have arthritis coming and going all my adult life. Arthrit-ease keeps it at bay. Effective for me.

  54. Kalinda Borde

    I found this worked better than the regular painkiller. Natural all the way!

  55. Latika Sastry

    I have been suffering from arthritis for last two years after my pregnancy. This product has worked miracle for me. I have even stopped taking painkillers.

  56. Raghav Boase

    The pain won’t get reduced magically after taking one pill. Regular consumption is necessary.

  57. Ishani Sharma

    I had severe knee pain due to my weight. But after I started to take this regularly, it’s much better now.

  58. Amar Borde

    My joint pain is finally at ease because of Arthrit-ease

  59. Dhriti Joshi

    Just in 2 weeks it reduced my arthritis pain. Excellent product.

  60. Vipin Srinivas

    Product is trust worth

  61. Bhavya

    Awesome one. My mom said its very energetic and feels little to no pain. She is improving day by day.

  62. Kalyani S

    My mother has been using it for the past 5 months and has never felt a bad effect on her health.

  63. Sandhya S

    After taking this supplement the frequency of my arthritis pain decreased. I am so happy.

  64. Vijay Sitaram

    This is my first order for my father. Delivery and package is good. Will update after the first month.

  65. Gopika Krishna

    I recently bought this supplement for my mother after consulting with our doctor. It helped relieve some of her pains.

  66. Aditi Shah

    Highly recommended to all Arthritis patients.

  67. Arohi

    This is really a miracle medicine which saves my life from joint pains. Much recommended

  68. Naveen

    After I started working from home my joints and shoulder showed mild pain and suffocations. One of my friends suggested to take this capsule and it really effects my body. Using this from the past 3 months and showed no side effects.

  69. Geetha

    Thank you manufacturers and the production team for making this miracle medicine. IT heals all my joint pain.

  70. Xavier

    I am 63 years old. I feel very pain and uneasiness on my joints due to my age. But, after using this medicine I got relief from my joint pain in my knees and shoulders. Feel energetic all day.

  71. Amala

    I rarely give 5 star ratings but this product won my heart and I am giving it a full star.

  72. Sunanda

    If taking this medicine do v hv any restriction on food


      Hello Sunanda !

      Algamin is a natural health supplement and can be taken along with any other medications. We would suggest you to take 2 capsules after your meal in the morning & night for three months & then the dosage can be reduced to 2 capsules per day. Pls feel free to reach out to us at 8075111312 for any further assistance.

  73. Kuldeep

    Sir, does it interfere with any medicines like metformin and does it have any effects with sugar patients?


      Hello Kuldeep,

      Algamin is a seaweed based natural remedy that will provide you relief from various lifestyle ailments like Arthritis, Diabetes, and hypertension. It can be used along with any of your existing medication with no adverse effects. For any further assistance you can reach out to our customer support or even avail a free consultation. Sharing the link below for your reference.

  74. Ashokan KV

    Can have it with existing allopatetic Medicine?


      Hello Ashokan !

      Sure. You may take it along with any other medications. This is 100% natural health supplement extracted from marine seaweed. Does not have any side effects. We suggest you to use it for a minimum of three months for best results.

  75. Anil Tuteja

    Suffering from knee osteo arthritis. Does your drug help in this


      Hello Anil,

      Algamin is a seaweed based natural remedy for joint pain in knees & shoulders. We are confident our customers will receive the desired result when consumed as per the given instruction. Request you to kindly give us a try!

  76. Parminth Singh

    Ordering this for the fist time. Delivery took sometime but the product is okay.

  77. Krithi Nair

    Finally a product that works. Highly recommend. I have been giving to my mom for her arthritis and her pain while walking has reduced so much and she is feeling very relieved. Will order again.

  78. Karin Joy

    Hats off to the express delivery. Same day delivery at no extra cost. Impressed. Hoping for a quality product result.

  79. Pratamesh Vohra

    This product seems very effective for me as my day to day schedule is very hectic. Due to which, I had to face several issues like my joints started to pain severely every now and then and when I started using Arthrit Ease since past month I am very relaxed and can focus on my life than the pain I had to suffer from.

  80. Prachi Mehta

    Trustworthy product! Great improvement with just two week’s use.

  81. Hari Govid

    Delivery time needs to be improved. But otherwise everything good so far. Just two weeks since I started using.

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