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Joint Pain Relief

101 Reviews

Joint Relief is a unique combination of Piperine and Boswellia that reduces pain caused by inflammation by inhibiting Cytokines to Brain.



Joint Pain Relief – 1 to 2 capsule immediately after food

Key Features

  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Improves Joint Mobility
  • Provides Relief from Arthritis
  • Improves Joint Immunity
  • No Side effect
  • Vegan

How to recognise joint pain?

Any damage to the joints from disease or injury can interfere with your movement and cause a lot of pain.
Joint pain may range from a mild ache to a severe, burning, or sharp sensation in one or several joints. In some instances, joint pain is associated with other symptoms, like joint swelling and stiffness, red and warm skin, and whole-body symptoms like fatigue, weight loss, or fever.

Key Ingredients of our Joint Pain Relief Kit

Boswellia Serrata Extract: Has healing properties and is used as a natural pain killer for over 4000 years.
Piperine Extract: Has anti-inflammatory properties.

Black Cumin
AKBA(Acetyl Keta Boswellic Acid)

How Joint Pain Relief helps you to improve your joint pain

Improves joint mobility and reduces inflammation by inhibiting Cytokines in the brain. Joint Pain Relief is a natural remedy to fight arthritis, inflammation, joint pain and even joint mobility.

Other Benefits:

  • Useful in chronic inflammatory disease Helps to reduce symptoms of asthma and inflammation from respiratory diseases.
  • Reduces Pain caused by inflammation by inhibiting Cytokines to the brain.
  • DAKBA is known to inhibit 5 lipoxygenases a key component in the pathway of pain induced inflammation.
  • Boswellia serrata plant is used as a natural healer/pain killer to relieve all sorts of pain and to boost the immunity power of the body for over 4000 years in India.
  • It works on Osteoarthritis, osteopenia, chrons disease, ulcerative colitis and asthma by regulating stimulation of osteoblast differentiation and suppress osteoclast formation.

Latest reviews

  1. Hannah

    Result guaranteed.

  2. Sara

    I am fully satisfied with this product

  3. Julia

    Nothing to write bad about this product. It slowly works on me.

  4. Grace

    Thank you lifekart, for this wonderful product

  5. Treesa

    Another Excellent product from lifekart.

  6. Diana

    Does give relief – slow but sure results

  7. Isabella

    Feel like this is working on me.

  8. Rose

    Got it in my hands today! I will review later on this.

  9. Roy

    Amazing product!

  10. Albert

    Delivery was fast. the product really works from the 3rd day of use. Would be great if I get a discount.

  11. Joe

    I purchased this product after seeing an ad. This really works on my pain

  12. Jerry

    Good I am getting results

  13. Samuel

    Some improvement is there in pain reduction after 7 days of use

  14. Justin

    The quality of this product is amazing but feels like little expensive.

  15. Nicholas

    I feel temporary relief after 7 days of use. Hope this will work for me.

  16. Jason

    The quality of this product is really appreciable. I really feel the difference in my pain

  17. Kevin

    This is the third day since I started using it. I really feel comfortable with my lower back pain.

  18. Joshua

    Very effective highly recommended for those who suffer from joint pain

  19. Steven

    This lifekart’s product is super effective. I was ordered this for my father and he is completely satisfied.

  20. Mark

    Can I use this product without a doctor’s prescription?

  21. Christopher

    Very satisfactory product.

  22. Yuvaan

    Good and effective with affordable price

  23. Rihan

    Best for lower joint pain

  24. Anaya

    Started using it for the last 7 days only. So far very little improvement noticed I will comment after 60 days of usage

  25. Renjima

    It has proved to be great medicine for joint pain and cure my mom’s leg pain.

  26. Gopakumar

    Fast Relief without side effects

  27. Adhil

    Can see a lot of improvement. Really working

  28. Milan

    Amazing ! you can feel the difference from the first use. Genuinely recommend.

  29. Anupama

    Excellent product. I have just begun using this product due to joint discomfort. It’s better to review this product after a month of use.

  30. Soorya

    Vey good product for joint pain

  31. Jayanthi

    This doesn’t work well on me

  32. Sulakhana

    This works really on my join pain. Highly recommend

  33. Alex

    wonderful pain medication

  34. Immanuel

    I tried this product after seeing my friend’s positive results. But I didn’t feel a fast recovery with one bottle, so I ordered another bottle.

  35. Anjali

    Good product, on time delivery. fully satisfied.

  36. Supriya

    good results without any side effects.

  37. Maalu

    I used this product for my neck pain. I felt better from the first use.

  38. Seetha

    This is really working!

  39. Gourinandhana

    I feel a slight decrease in my pain from one bottle use. I ordered for another one.

  40. Bhavana

    I bought this product from reading so many previous comments. This is the 7th day since I started using it really amazing result.

  41. Faisa

    Better result

  42. Alankritha

    I got relief from various joint injuries. I fount it works really well

  43. Swaroop

    I and my family never worried about trying any products of lifekart. This one was purchased for my mother she has pain in her legs. This really works on her. Thank you for another miracle product

  44. Megha

    I trust in the products of lifekart. I purchased many products for my family from here. This was purchased for my father who has joint pain. It works well on him.

  45. Byju

    This is the best product I have ever used. Correct remedy for Joint pain.

  46. Anagha

    A very satisfactory result from the first use. Highly recommended

  47. Ameya

    I ordered this product for my father and he is quite satisfied with this

  48. Aleena

    Miracle results from very first use.

  49. Sukanya

    Amazing product! Works for me

  50. Liji

    Very fast pain relief. fully satisfied

  51. Nithya

    This is really an amazing product. I have been using it for the last 15 days and I feel a significant result in morning stiffness of my joints.

  52. Faisal

    Really worth product, good and perfect packing, on-time delivery. Thank you lifekart

  53. Suresh

    The tablet is beneficial for me as I have suffered from knee pain the last few years. I’ve been taking the tablets for the last 10 days and I can feel a tremendous change in my pain.

  54. Maria

    Lifekart’s joint pain relief is the best natural way to fight inflammation. It really helped me a lot. I feel fast pain relief with this product. highly recommended

  55. Karthika

    It is very beneficial for my mom that she was suffering from knee pain. After taking this medicine, she feels really better and it also helped to manage weight. This is purely vegan.

  56. Milan

    This is magical medicine! I bought this as my friend suggested to me. Really showed an amazing result. I am very happy and satisfied with this product.

  57. Jinu

    I highly recommend this product to everyone who is suffering from joint pain. This will be really helpful for you. Came in very good packing. Fast delivery.Must try the product.

  58. Jesna

    I’ve tried many brands, but this one has assisted me with knee discomfort. Thank you Lifekart for this amazing product.

  59. Ajith kumar

    Good and airtight package.

  60. Gloria

    Higly recommended product

  61. Chithra

    No side effects at all and I’m already half a bottle down.

  62. Vaisakh

    Been taking this for the last three weeks after being recommended by my doctor. It works wonders with adequate rest.

  63. Nimisha

    I feel quite active after finishing a bottle. Going for the second one!

  64. Prabin

    Good product would definitely recommend.

  65. Sreeresh K

    The Joint Pain Relief tablets are amazing. My arthritis pain has gone down. I’m glad my friend recommended these to me.

  66. Yamuna

    Effective medicine with absolutely no side effects! Works for both adults and old age people well

  67. Yamuna

    Follow the recommended dosage, and it will do wonders for your joint pains.

  68. Neethu Sathyan

    A friend recommended the Joint Pain Relief to my father after he complained of not getting a fully herbal medication for joint pains. This really helped him.

  69. Alka Dev

    Bought this recently. Haven’t recovered completely yet, waiting for the results.

  70. Kiran Kumar

    It’s really great for my grandparents. But I have a hard time finding it locally.

  71. Madhav

    Got one for my wife recently. Eventhough it is good compared to what she used to take in, the price could be reconsidered.

  72. Darshana

    I feel no side effects with this product. It has been really effective for me.

  73. Praveen

    This has been a miracle for my arthritis.

  74. Venkat

    Have been using this for some time. It’s been helping me really well with my knee pain after a whole day’s work.

  75. Lara

    This has been very useful to my parents. Also this being a vegan tablet, it really doesn’t affect the diet of vegetarians.

  76. Shreya Bhargava

    Joint Pain Relief makes my Arthritis bearable.

  77. Hema Nath

    I’m just happy that I can finally play some sports with my old buddies, thank to this.

  78. Varsha Venugopal

    This Joint-Pain Relief has been doing miracles for me and my husband.

  79. Kailas Krishna

    The stiffness on my elbow had gotten better just after 1 week of starting on this medication.

  80. Veena Madhavan

    This one is effective for me. It is good for my knee pain.

  81. Charu Khanna

    I had initially doubted a vegan medication for joint pains. But after a bottle down, it has calmed the pain much better.

  82. Aaloak Deol

    Works well with Arthritis inflammation. Doesn’t take all the pain away, but helps calm it down

  83. Chandra Mohanty

    It is time to stop the pain killers finally. This one works wonders without making me drowsy.

  84. Priti Chahal

    I had severe knee pain after years long work as a professor. But after I started to take this regularly, it’s much well now.

  85. Yash Raj

    The stiffness around my arms is finally easing down after taking this for a couple of days now.

  86. Devna Nair

    Excellent tablet. Just in a few weeks I started on including this, it significantly reduced my joint pain.

  87. Rishi Kumar

    Product is good. Just follow the prescribed dosage.

  88. Miya

    A worthy product finally. My dad said he feels very less pain after trying this out.

  89. Jayesh Jagdish

    Thanks to thelifekart group for helping me to get rid of my joint pain.

  90. Imraan Karim

    This capsule can not only help me from my joint pains but also helped my mother with her arthritis problem. I personally recommend this.

  91. Gautham Lal

    Can I use this without consulting a doctor?

  92. Farhan Fajad

    Miracle medicine for every joint pain patients

  93. Dhruv Shekar

    Highly recommended for those who suffer from shoulder pain.

  94. Satheesh S

    Best supplement for joint pain

  95. Bivin Sulekha

    I got the parcel today. The package and delivery was good. The capsule looks the same as expected. Will update after completing the first bottle.

  96. Vipin Chandrasekhar

    I had a bike accident a few months back, after the accident I always feel pain in my knee and shoulder. One of my colleagues suggested this supplement. I feel better after taking this capsule. I no longer feel pain in my shoulder.

  97. Armaan Malik

    I bought it for my mother who has suffered from leg inflammation problems for the past few years. She started using this and is about to complete one bottle. So far she is happy and feeling better.

  98. Bhaskar

    Really effective for my mobility issues. Now I have no issues with my joints.

  99. Sandhya karnool

    Been using the product regularly for a month now ! Its splendid – felt so much relief. I have had 3 tablets regularly every day like mentioned on the bottle. I feel less joint pain. Express delivery too.

  100. Madhan Mohan

    I have arthritis and I have problem in movement and joint pain. I tried so many other medicines but I didn’t get relief. I will completely recommend this product, saw such. Big difference, been taking regularly for a month now.

  101. Taran Kejriwal

    I have just started these. So far, there have been no side effects and they do seem to be helpful with the tender points. Delivered and packaged well. Will post a detailed review after a bit more time.

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