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TheLifeKart Probiotic Supplement – Pack of 10

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Antibiotics and unhealthy diet practices have eliminated the existence of good bacteria in our gut. We need to bring them back. LifeKart probiotic supplements will ensure the eradication of H-Pylori bacteria and reinforce the growth of several good gut bacteria.

Latest reviews

  1. Saurabh Bhaijan

    A great one for digestion and gut friendly product. Helps me a lot in day to day life. A must for those suffering from poor digestion.

  2. Leo Paul

    I have used many expensive probiotic products online and could hardly feel much change in my bowels movements.
    Clear n clean bowels make our day feel awesome in this grueling life.

    This product is truly amazing to say the least.
    I have experienced the change in my bowels and it has made feel alive n happy.
    M living my life to its fullest. Thanks to Lifekart !

  3. Lena Mohan

    I was suggested by a doctor to try probiotics for my gut health. I was having gastric issue. This product has greatly helped to get rid of acidity. There was no side effect either. take it with the acidity relief for best results.

  4. Vivek Sinha

    Too good.. my acidity issues were reduced a lot after consuming this probiotic daily for 10 days.

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