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Migraine Relief Kit

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Fight the migraine disease and get relief within 30 days



How to Use: 

1 Tablet have 20 minutes before each meal (3 tablets a day)

1 Probiotic sachet mix with water and have when you wake up in the morning

There are two types of Migraine.

Migraine with Aura: This type of migraine is usually genetically transferred or inherited in most cases. Patients suffering from this type experience an aura which develops gradually and can last around five to sixty minutes.

In case you are wondering what an aura is, it is an altered perception in our sense of vision giving a berth to blind spots, flashing lights, and colorful zig-zag lines. Aside from these features, one might experience numbness, extreme dizziness, and double vision.

Patients who suffer from this type of migraine are highly prone to stroke due to a lack of blood flow to the brain.

Migraine without Aura: This type of migraine is not genetic rather due to the direct result of diet and environmental factors. 75% of the patients suffer from this type of migraine.

Unhealthy diet practices and excessive consumption of antibiotics have led to the growth of a bacteria known as Heliobacter Pylori (H-Pylori). This bacteria suppresses the growth of good bacteria in our gut and disrupts the balance in intestinal fauna.

Apart from migraines, H-Pylori causes ulcers and other gastric issues.

Fight the good fight with LifeKart:

LifeKart brings you top-quality supplements to fight back, resist and improve your intestinal health thus promoting overall good health.

LifeKart has devised a relief kit which will help kill the existing bad bacteria, prevent the adhesion of bacteria on the cell wall and populate your gut with good bacteria.

It is a three-stage process.

The first stage: The antibacterial herbs.

The solution is a combination of herbs found in nature. Cumin, Black cumin, ginger, moon leaf, peppermint. Each herb plays a pivotal role in promoting good gut health.

Black cumin with honey is one of the oldest natural combinations to treat gastric issues and studies strongly suggest black cumin as an anti-helicobacter.

High ginger concentrate powder (ginger concentrate) and high cumin concentrate when combined have an antibacterial effect on the highly antibiotic-resistant H-Pylori bacteria.

Ginger is known to be one of the best in curing bowel-related issues and plus being a good anti-oxidant and an anti-inflammatory ingredient, it prevents further growth of H-Pylori.

Moonleaf extract can soothe gastric tracts from acidity, ulcer and thereby prevent the growth of H-Pylori.

The second stage: The anti-adhesive path:

What happens when the H-Pylori bacteria cannot stick to the intestinal walls? They slip out of the body.

Consumption of Licorice aids this action. Licorice smoothens the cell walls and restricts the bacteria from holding on to the walls.

Thus the combination of antibacterial herbs and Licorice will kill the bacteria and also protect the cell walls from future growth.

The final stage: The restoration path

Antibiotics and unhealthy diet practices have eliminated the existence of good bacteria in our gut. We need to bring them back. LifeKart probiotic supplements will ensure the eradication of H-Pylori bacteria and reinforce the growth of several good gut bacteria.

At LifeKart, we have created a wide set of nutraceutical products by replacing synthetic chemicals and bringing back the long-lost goodness of Nature to the common man.

How to Use: 

1 Tablet have 20 minutes before each meal (3 tablets a day)

1 Probiotic sachet mix with water and have when you wake up in the morning

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Latest reviews

  1. Nikita

    The 1st 4-5 days didnt feel any difference. But later slowly my stomach felt light and better.

  2. Yohan

    Product package was not good. I received the product in bad state. But the product was very effective for stomach relief.

  3. Roshan

    Good product.Good packing.

  4. Sonia

    I was suffering from migraine for the past 16 years of my life and never heard of a cure for migraine since 1 years back from a doctor. So I thought of trying it as per doctors guidance. I tried this product for 3 months and never had to suffer from migraine again. Thanks to the lifekart..:)

  5. Alok Gupta

    My 3 Female staff working in my store having the problem of migraine and headache since 6-7 year’s …
    I saw your Advertisement in Facebook, Thought we should Atleast Try This product, firstly gave order for 2 person’s for 10 days course to check whether it is effective or not..
    We are happy to share that this product is effective in a miraculous way…
    Now ordered for one more staff… 😊😊

  6. Khader K M

    Excellent product in three days I feel the difference in my motion and no gas and feel light headed. Great relief.

  7. lijith Narayanan

    Really great and effective product. Just within few days felt the difference

  8. Kesavakrishna

    Didn’t think this would be effective but it had helped me to remove my migraines

  9. Bhavana Sukumaran

    Amazing product. Good results.

  10. Shahina Saif

    This product has helped my stomach problems to go completely. Really amazing effect on stomach. Migraine also is almost gone and the product does what it says

  11. Swastik Shetty

    Will definitely refer this to a lot of people.Gave me relief from headache in 5 days

  12. Damodar Das

    Will definitely refer this to a lot of people. Wonderful product and very effective with just natural ingredients.

  13. Hardeep Singh

    Very good and effective product

  14. Jerry

    I started this medication in an effort to rid myself of my migraines and after just 10 days I have had amazing results with it. I found out that
    this kit focuses on the digestive tract to cure migraines and IT GENUINELY WORKS!!!
    It also provides an effective remedy for poor bowel movements, acidity,
    appetite problems, and bad breath.
    It is a wonderful product for migraines as well as your digestive tract.
    Thank you LifeKart for this sensational product!!

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