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Migraine Relief Kit

101 Reviews
  • A holistic approach to address migraines and promote long-term relief
  • This unique combination works synergistically to tackle the root cause of migraine triggers and support the prevention of future occurrences.
  • Ingredients: Peppermint, ginger ,cumin, black cumin, moon leaf
  • Usage – Consume one tablet 20 minutes before each meal (3 tablets a day)
    • Pro-biotic sachet to be diluted in water and consumed on empty stomach in the morning



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Consume one tablet 20 minutes before each meal (3 tablets a day)

Key Features

  • Moonleaf extract can prevent the growth of H. pylori
  • Protect the cell walls from future growth
  • Kill the existing bacteria
  • No Side effect
  • Vegan

What’s Migraine?

Migraine is a recurrent throbbing headache that typically affects one side of the head and is often accompanied by nausea and disturbed vision. Migraine is the third most prevalent disease in the world & occurs in one out of seven people in the global population. Migraine affects more people than diabetes, epilepsy, and asthma combined.

Three-way Action

  • Kill the existing bacteria
  • Prevents bacteria adhesion on walls
  • Populate good gut bacteria to suppress future growth

How Migraine Relief Kit helps you fight migraine

TheLifeKart has devised a relief kit that will help kill the existing bad bacteria, prevent the adhesion of bacteria on the cell wall & populate your gut with good bacteria. Antibiotics and unhealthy diet practices have eliminated the existence of good bacteria in our gut. We need to bring them back. TheLifeKart probiotic supplements will ensure the eradication of H. pylori bacteria and reinforce the growth of several good gut bacteria.


The First Stage: The Antibacterial Path

The solution is a combination of herbs found in nature.
Black Cumin: Black cumin with honey is one of the oldest combinations given to naturally treat gastric issues and studies strongly suggest black cumin as anti-helicobacter.
Cumin: High ginger concentrate powder (ginger concentrate) and high cumin concentrate used in the combination has an antibacterial effect on even highly antibiotic-resistant H. pylori bacteria.
Peppermint: Peppermint is one of the most commonly used ingredients to treat headaches and migraine attacks. It contains menthol, which can help relax muscles and ease the pain.
Ginger: Ginger is known to be one of the best in curing bowel-related issues & plus being a good anti-oxidant & an anti-inflammatory ingredient, it prevents further growth of H. pylori.
Moonleaf: Moonleaf extract can soothe gastric tracts from acidity, and ulcers & thereby prevent the growth of H. pylori.

The Second Stage: The Anti-Adhesive Path

What happens when the H-Pylori bacteria cannot stick to the intestinal walls? They slip out of the body.

  • Consumption of Licorice aids this action. Licorice smoothens the cell walls & restricts the bacteria from holding on to the walls.
  • Thus the combination of antibacterial herbs and Licorice will kill the bacteria & also protect the cell walls from future growth.
The Final Stage: The Restoration Path

Antibiotics and unhealthy diet practices have eliminated the existence of good bacteria in our gut. We need to bring them back. TheLifeKart probiotic supplements will ensure the eradication of H. pylori bacteria and reinforce the growth of several good gut bacteria.

How Migraine Relief Kit helps you fight migraine

TheLifeKart has devised a relief kit that will help kill the existing bad bacteria, prevent the adhesion of bacteria on the cell wall & populate your gut with good bacteria. Antibiotics and unhealthy diet practices have eliminated the existence of good bacteria in our gut. We need to bring them back. TheLifeKart probiotic supplements will ensure the eradication of H. pylori bacteria and reinforce the growth of several good gut bacteria.

Latest reviews

  1. Umangi Patel (verified owner)

    It was a amazing product for migraine. My husband was suffering from last 5 years constantly..we tried 30 days course of migraine relief kit..his migraine is almost’s worth to spend money on this other than any other medical product

  2. Alfitha

    Over the past few years, I’ve had migraines that became more severe and more frequent as the years progressed. It reached the point that I was required to visit an urgent care for shots each time I needed one for nausea and pain relief. The neurologist I saw told me that unless I undergo a significant hormonal change such as menopausal symptoms or pregnancy or having children, migraines will not be gone. I conducted some research and discovered that a regular intake of Peppermint, ginger, cumin, black cumin, and moon leaf is believed to help reduce migraines in a significant way. It’s convenient to have all of these ingredients in one capsule. I went from suffering severe migraines every month to not experiencing one within five months! This product has allowed me the chance to lead a normal life without worrying about the possibility of migraines, which can leave me unable to function for two days. I am extremely satisfied with this solution!

  3. Jincy

    I rarely write reviews but I thought this could be beneficial to those people suffering from debilitating and horrible migraines, which can cause severe debilitation to their lives. I was forced to withdraw from social activities due to this. Migraines are a genetic condition within my extended family. They are more prevalent in women than men. Common triggers include late meals or skipped meals, spending too much exposure to the sun or cold and lack of sleep, of course, stress. I used to experience three to five migraines throughout the year, but in recent months I was experiencing migraines that were hormonal. They would last for a maximum of five days. The discomfort would shift to the other side. I’ve always wanted to try neurofeedback and Ayurvedic but none is covered by insurance. Every neurologist I saw provided me with painkillers or shots. This migraine relief kit has been effective. I decided to look for a solution and began noting down the extent to which I was experiencing migraines, and this was usually in the early days or before my period. I began searching on Amazon. I found this supplement and started taking it. I am extremely content and happy to announce that I’ve had no migraines for over two months since I began using. I’ll be updating the review, but I’d advise anyone to test this supplement prior to any other kind of painkillers that are harmful.

  4. Faris

    I’ve suffered from hormonal migraines for many years! each month, at that period of the month, I would experience a horrible migraine either on the first or the second day my period began. I’ve taken thelifekart’s migraine relief kit for the past two months. The first month, the headache was present, but it wasn’t for long. The next month it was there but it was very light and wasn’t an actual migraine, but the headache! I am eager to find out what’s going on in the next month.

  5. Samuel

    I don’t know how grateful I am that I discovered this product for my daughter. The girl was experiencing migraines/headaches for several months. We underwent MRI to confirm that she didn’t have a problem internal. The neurologist prescribed vitamins and mineral supplements and a migraine medication which left our daughter asleep for a whole day off. After further examination it was found that my teen suffered from hormonal-related headaches and migraines. I knew that I had to find a more effective method to alleviate her symptoms. I began looking into natural supplements and that’s the reason I discovered thelifekart’s product. My child has taken this since late March. She’s now 15 years old. It’s been a lifesaver. It has eliminated her headaches on a daily basis but if she should get migraines (which can be just a few days of every month) it is manageable by taking this product.

  6. Drashana

    I bought this product for the first time four months ago, after seeking a natural product to ease migraines for my daughter a teenager. The migraines she was suffering from had been occurring since when she was just ten years old, and they were becoming more frequent. I was disgusted to see her in such pain and she was experiencing migraines almost every day at this point. After a lot of research, I found Lifekart’s migraine relief kit and decided to test it. The product has been used over the past four months each day and has not had one headache! I am awestruck and grateful for this product. I have been thinking of writing an article about it since it has truly saved my daughter! Thank you!!

  7. Anushka

    I am extremely happy that I discovered this product to help me manage my frequent migraine has been a huge help to me in reducing migraine and it has done so without negative side negative effects. My sister suggested I try it after she tested this migraine relief kit and found it to be effective. The pain of migraine is so intense that it’s only the people who’ve experienced it. I’ll feel so content from within if I can help someone. I would personally recommend it.

  8. Shivangi

    This product is very effective. I tried many medicines in the hopes of a cure. This Lifekart’s migraine relief kit which is 100 % natural that doesn’t cause any side negative effects, was suggested by a close friend and I tried it. After years of being outdoors in sunlight, I did not suffer from headaches… it worked and if you’re on the same vessel, I’d recommend giving it a shot… Absolutely genuine product.

  9. Supriya

    I’ve never done reviews before however, this product is awe-inspiring. I suffer from hormonal migraines which often leave me in bed for one or two days. I’ve tried a variety of migraine remedies, both on the market and prescription however nothing has been effective until I discovered this. I was a bit cautious after reading the reports and having seen that it did not perform for everyone, but I decided to try it nonetheless and am so glad I tried it. Sometimes I only require two pills and it’s working immediately! It’s no longer a case of missing work or laying on the couch all day long and having trouble sleeping because of migraines. I discussed this with a fellow sufferer of migraines as I do and we both agreed that this has completely transformed our lives.

  10. Prardhana

    I was on Covid last year and nearly ended my life due to it. Covid caused me to suffer from chronic migraines every day. I found this product online and I’m grateful to try it. It eliminated my migraines within minutes of use. My boyfriend and aunt suffer from migraines for a long time and I suggested this, miracle product to them. This may not be the best option for everyone, but I’d suggest at least trying.

  11. George

    I’ve suffered from migraines that are severe for a long time. I was fed up with the constant pain, and finally discovered this migraine relief kit. It was like a miracle. The packaging is excellent as it explains all the triggers, tips and the way that the tablet functions. It is consist of Peppermint, ginger ,cumin, black cumin, moon leaf. The remedy has helped reduce my frequency and length of migraine. I definitely recommend this remedy to all migraine sufferers!

  12. Simran

    I was initially skeptical of this treatment. However, I think to give a try. I finished one bottle. I am always afflicted with migraine every day when I spend in the sun. I discovered that after taking this medication spending the entire day in the sun I didn’t get migraine the second time. This seems miraculous at this moment. Let me test it for another two to three months, and then I’ll make an update to my review.

  13. Reena

    This is the report after the first month of my entire course. The product overall is efficient and very effective. Through the years my migraine issue was so bad that I needed to constantly jerk my head. My head would be “filled and locked” a majority of the time. I really felt a huge difference within 10 days of this treatment. I took 3 medicines per day for one month. Highly recommend!

  14. Saam

    This Migraine relief kit from Thelifekart is particularly helpful in easing the pain I often feel. As a software engineer, it was a burden for me to look at my computer screen. I had to take leave for several days. I tried so many medications to get rid of this heavy pain. But nothing has gone except money. When I know about this medicine firstly I was confused to buy it or not and it is expensive too. But I decided to buy it and this is the 10th day of my use and I made sure to share my experience here. This was a magical one. I felt really better from my first use. I don’t think it’s too much costly, I have seen some comments like that. This is worth of money I think.

  15. faiza

    I find relief from my migraines With Thelifekart’s Migraine relief kit. I was applying icepacks to get a temporary cure for my struggling migraine until I found this product. I bought this product from seeing an effective result of my friend. He was a chronic migraine patient. After using this product it made his life a huge change. This is the 15th day until I use this product. I experience a refreshing feeling the first time use and it gives me a better sleep too. I followed exactly a regular time to take medicine without skipping and it made a lot of changes to my life. Thank you Lifekart.

  16. Anooja

    I’ve been suffering from chronic migraine for a year. I have tried nearly everything. Every migraine medication I tried was of no use but the unbearable pain persisted. I saw an article about this product somewhere, actually, I forgot. I purchased this product after reading review comments and that made me feel really positive to purchase this. I was taking the medicine as mentioned at the correct time every day. It is really worked on me. I really can feel the difference before and after consuming the tablet. I don’t feel any side effects with this product. I suggest this product for all who suffered a lot from migraine.

  17. Haris

    I come from a family where everyone has terrible migraines I tried many migraine medications before. After going through a few different ones, I found this product to be an absolute life-saver. Whenever I feel one coming, I take this product and the migraine usually disappears within 30 minutes. This is the only product that essentially allows me to function. I have not seen any real side effects.

  18. Vighnesh

    This product is a miracle drug. It knocks out my migraines every time. I found this to work first try back then and continue to take it to this day. I’m very thankful for this medicine.

  19. Sandra

    I’ve gone Through severe migraines many times because I was so ill. When I tried Thelifekart’s migraine relief kit, it was a lifesaver. I’ve only had a couple of migraines that didn’t respond to it.

  20. Rahul

    I usually have horrible period migraines. This is the only thing that works for me. I recommend this to anyone who suffers from these because I don’t know how’d function without them. Thank you Thelifekart for this wonderful product.

  21. Alankritha

    I found this works well on me. I suffer from migraines with cluster headaches. Like most everyone, there is no way to function once a headache starts. The pain is rough. I tried Thelifekart’s best ever product on the advice of my friend. I feel really good about this product. The only thing I want to tell anyone with this drug is if you know your body well enough to know a migraine is starting take it immediately, don’t wait! That is the only way it works for me. When it does work it is amazing!

  22. Meera

    Nice product. Works for me and my mother.

  23. Chandana

    This is really a wonderful product . Thank you so much

  24. Aadhi

    I don’t think this is for me.

  25. Anuradha

    I don’t feel anything. Is the dosage different for everyone?

  26. Poornima

    Don’t doubt this. it works like magic.

  27. Ammu

    Very effective with zero side effects.

  28. Shanty

    Not worth the hype.

  29. Surya

    Definitely a worthy Product.

  30. Alan

    I feel some changes from this medication. Do I need to try another one ?

  31. Navya

    I was suffering from migraine for long but this product saved my life . I bought this by Seeing an ad after reading reviews about this product I feel confident to try this. Amazing results from the first use .

  32. Amaya

    Miracle product

  33. Kannan

    Really effective

  34. Saagar

    Quality product with no side effects.

  35. Sreeresh

    Good product .

  36. Adarsh

    This product has honestly changed my life. I didn’t feel any side effects from this product .

  37. Yamuna

    This migraine relief tablet work for me. I purchased the this product a month ago.

  38. Anjana

    Works great for me

  39. Alankritha

    Highly recommended product from TheLifekart. Loved it. Thank you

  40. Kavya

    This medication works great on me I got good sleep after taking this. I recommend others to take it.

  41. Sulekha

    Really effective. This works better than anything else I have tried.

  42. Pranav

    It’s really effective and works in a short time!

  43. Bhavana

    It didn’t really work for me.

  44. Akshara

    This medicine saved my life. It’s the only medicine that can help me with my migraine. I haven’t had any adverse effects with this drug.

  45. Jisha

    This is the most effective migraine medication I’ve tried. It’s the only migraine medicine to help me get rid of migraines with immediate results.

  46. Telma

    Thank Lifekart for this great medicine. It is really effective for migraine. I am fully satisfied.

  47. Raji priya

    I’ve suffered from chronic migraines for a long time and have tried a variety of medications. However, none of them work as well as this. This works for me without any negative consequences.

  48. Ganga

    After experimenting with a lot of drugs finally I found an effective natural remedy to cure migraine!

  49. Basil

    This is the only drug that has been effective for me. I’ve used 3 tablets in a day and eliminated my headache in just 30 minutes. It’s amazing.

  50. Aromal

    This product kicked out my migraine easily. Very happy and satisfied with this product.

  51. Kavya

    I suffer from migraine frequently and have required a leave of absence because of nausea and pain. My friend suggested me this product to test. I was stunned. My migraine eased after 45 minutes to one hour after taking this. Best ever solution for migraine. Highly recommended!

  52. Anila

    This pill works perfectly on me. one thing I felt was that for an hour I had slight neck pain and never felt like that again. But the migraine was well relieved. Thank you Lifekart

  53. Sajo

    Really helpful product. On-time delivery and perfect tight packaging.

  54. Mathew

    It’s amazing how effective this product was. I was so afraid of a migraine and I was reluctant to try the headache with new medications. But my friend tried this product and found out that he got better relief from migraine. I felt confident to give it a try. I think it’s a big deal that I felt like trying this product. I got huge relief from the migraine. Thank you Lifekart.

  55. Swathy

    This is the only migraine treatment that’s ever resulted in any positive change for me. I’ve tried every treatment available to treat migraines, but none of them helped with my migraines until I took Lifekart’s Migraine relief tablet. It is the best treatment available for migraines. Thank you so much.

  56. Athira S

    It is the most effective migraine medicine I’ve ever had and I tried them all. It’s life-saving. It doesn’t cause any side effects. It is quick to work, and there’s no relapse. Amazing!

  57. Aswathy

    I had a migraine that lasts for 24 hours+. And I took this tablet one morning. Within 20 min it was fading and in an hour it was gone. I got better sleep and I felt so relaxed. I really recommend this for all who are facing deadly migraines.

  58. Adarsh

    It doesn’t work great for me, but my friend really got a better result.

  59. Surya Sasi

    I was suffering from menstrual migraine. My friend suggested this tablet to me. This is the best migraine solution I have ever taken. completely worth it.

  60. Aiswarya

    It’s very effective if you use this pill… You will get a relaxing sleep for at least 2 hours…results are more positive.

  61. Sona Paul

    I had a lot of trouble with headaches and this will work better than any other product I’ve tried without any side effects.

  62. Amala Hari

    Amazing Product…! It really helped me to get rid of migraine. Highly recommended product.

  63. Alicecam

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  64. Arjun

    A friend who suffers from migraine pain found that this worked wonderfully for her and she suggested that I should take this pill. I have been using this for the past one week and I really feel better. So far no side effects. Will update after completing one month.

  65. Anand

    I have been suffering from migraine problems for so long. I tried many medicines and remedies but did not get proper relief. After taking this medicine the frequency of the pain decreased by almost 75%.

  66. Nithin

    This miracle medicine has reduced the frequency and duration of my migraine. I would definitely recommend this to all.

  67. Anagha

    Highly recommended for all who are suffering from migraine frequently. It is 100% effective with no side effects.

  68. Ajith

    This is a great ayurvedic product for people with migraines. The packaging and quality is great.

  69. Sheeba

    This is an effective natural remedy for curing migraines. I have been taking this medicine for the past 2 months and I feel really happy. I personally recommend this to those who are suffering from migraine pains.

  70. Anju

    This product really works for me. After trying various ayurvedic homeo medicines I have finally got something which can relieve my pain.

  71. Yogesh

    I have been suffering migraine from 8/ 9 years took all the treatment but no use it will be for temporary period . If I start having migraine kit it will cure permanently or it will be also for temporary and there is any side effects by this


      Hello Yogesh!

      Thank you for your interest on our product. Migraine Relief Kit has given positive results to majority of our clients suffering from migraine caused due to our lifestyle patterns. Permanent cure when taken as per the given dosage and guidelines is what we commit. We do have an in house medical team who can assist you. You may contact us directly on 8075111312 or book a consultation on

  72. Sheeba Ashokan

    Is this medicine cure migrain for continue use or only consume when the pain?


      Hello Sheeba !

      Migraine Relief kit gives permanent cure to Migraine which is caused by H-pylori bacteria when used as per the dosage suggested. This kit provides a three way action to eliminate the root cause of migraine – destroys the existing bad bacteria in the human gut, prevents bacteria adhesion on walls and finally populates good gut bacteria to flourish in the gut. For best results, we advise you to follow the dosage correctly for a minimum on 30 days.

  73. Ankur Sethi

    I’ve been suffering with a bad migraine for years now….lately things have got even worse…especially if i drink any quality or quantity of alcohol….even a small pint of beer can cause headaches now….my heads left eye socket eyebrow area and the temple on the left side start to feel twitching and when I go to sleep, the headache kicks in and I have to wakeup with a sever headache….and only strong pain killers can sort me out then….do you think this medicine will help me???? please reply and help


      Hello Ankur !

      Thank you for your interest in our product. Migraine Relief Kit is a proven product for lifestyle migraine. We would request you to kindly fill in your contact details in the below link & our medical team will assist you.

  74. JKB

    Will this medicine be useful for a cancer patient who suffers heavy headache…?

    • (verified owner)

      Hello !

      Migraine Relief Kit is a completely natural product with no side effects at all. Please do let us know if you require consultation from our medical expert. .

  75. Sidu swamy

    Now ordered

  76. Hemant Gaikwad (verified owner)

    I ordered Migraine kit but 10 probiotic sachets are missing in it. I tried calling on helpline numbers but no one is answering.

    • TheLifeKart

      Hi we have sent the sachets and it will get delivered soon to you. Sorry for the inconvenience caused due to this

  77. Hemant G

    I have vestibular migraine since last 2.5 years. Is this kit will help me to treat vestibular migraine.

    • TheLifeKart

      This is only for migraine cases without aura which is mainly caused due to the gut bacteria in your stomach

  78. Harish Kumar

    I am suffering from Migraine headache from last 20 years

    • TheLifeKart

      Please call our product specialist support at 8086288111 for understanding requirement and he’ll help you out

  79. J Suresh

    I have suffering with migraine from last 15 years i was used number of tablets with several hospitals but result is zero

    • TheLifeKart

      Please call our product specialist support at 8086288111 for understanding requirement and he’ll help you out

  80. Darryl Tison Dsouza

    Can i hav alcohol while taking this

    • TheLifeKart

      Yes you can. Please call our product support for more information at 8086288111

  81. Darryl Tison Dsouza

    Can i hav alcohol while taking this

  82. Ramakrishna

    I have chronic migrane in back head in past one year can i used this product

    • TheLifeKart

      Please call our product specialist support at 8086288111 for understanding requirement and he’ll help you out

  83. Nishant Gaba

    How many days course should I go for? I think I have mild migraine as diagnosed by the allopathy doctor

    • TheLifeKart

      The course for best effect should be taken for 1 month to remove the migraine completely

  84. Saquib

    Do u have anything for my 9 years daughter suffering from abdominal migraine.

    • TheLifeKart

      Hi this Migraine relief kit is exactly for those type of migraines. Need to complete the 30 day course for full removal of the gut bacteria

  85. Sharda

    Is it recommend for pregnant women?

    • TheLifeKart

      Yes it’s completely safe for pregnant women

  86. B MOCHAHARY (verified owner)

    I am very happy to use this product,!
    I was suffering from vascular migraine headache sence 12-15 I am very fellings better than before.It is 100% cured medicine.if you suffering from migraine headache.pls use and get better health! Thank you

    • TheLifeKart

      Thank you for your valuable feedback. Would love if you could recommend to other users suffering from migraine in your circle so that this could help them out as well

  87. Poonam chauhan (verified owner)

    Maine 20 days na course kiya .but I m having again migraine attack again… Soab mujhe kya karna hai…

    • TheLifeKart

      Hi Poonam, We would like to help you with this issue. Some people have to take for 3 months sometimes to completely cure the migraine as the H-pylori bacteria has to be completely killed off. Also if the migraine is with aura then this product will not help you. Your body will understand when it’s starting to take effect. continue taking the course and we’re hoping you’ll see good effect

  88. Nikita

    The 1st 4-5 days didnt feel any difference. But later slowly my stomach felt light and better.

  89. Yohan

    Product package was not good. I received the product in bad state. But the product was very effective for stomach relief.

  90. Roshan

    Good product.Good packing.

  91. Sonia

    I was suffering from migraine for the past 16 years of my life and never heard of a cure for migraine since 1 years back from a doctor. So I thought of trying it as per doctors guidance. I tried this product for 3 months and never had to suffer from migraine again. Thanks to the lifekart..:)

  92. Alok Gupta

    My 3 Female staff working in my store having the problem of migraine and headache since 6-7 year’s …
    I saw your Advertisement in Facebook, Thought we should Atleast Try This product, firstly gave order for 2 person’s for 10 days course to check whether it is effective or not..
    We are happy to share that this product is effective in a miraculous way…
    Now ordered for one more staff… ??

  93. Khader K M

    Excellent product in three days I feel the difference in my motion and no gas and feel light headed. Great relief.

  94. lijith Narayanan

    Really great and effective product. Just within few days felt the difference

  95. Kesavakrishna

    Didn’t think this would be effective but it had helped me to remove my migraines

  96. Bhavana Sukumaran

    Amazing product. Good results.

  97. Shahina Saif

    This product has helped my stomach problems to go completely. Really amazing effect on stomach. Migraine also is almost gone and the product does what it says

  98. Swastik Shetty

    Will definitely refer this to a lot of people.Gave me relief from headache in 5 days

  99. Damodar Das

    Will definitely refer this to a lot of people. Wonderful product and very effective with just natural ingredients.

  100. Hardeep Singh

    Very good and effective product

  101. Jerry

    I started this medication in an effort to rid myself of my migraines and after just 10 days I have had amazing results with it. I found out that
    this kit focuses on the digestive tract to cure migraines and IT GENUINELY WORKS!!!
    It also provides an effective remedy for poor bowel movements, acidity,
    appetite problems, and bad breath.
    It is a wonderful product for migraines as well as your digestive tract.
    Thank you LifeKart for this sensational product!!

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