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Algamin Tension- Ease

104 Reviews

Algamin, previously known as Cadalmin, is formulated by a group of eminent scientists of the Government of India.

✔️ Seaweed based Natural remedy to various types of Lifestyle Ailments
✔️ Rich in Fibre content
✔️ Extracted by an eco friendly “Green Technology”
✔️ Developed from 100% Natural Marine Seaweed from the Ocean

Algamin Tension-Ease contains 100% Natural hypertensive extracts from marine seaweed that helps relax the veins and makes it easier for your heart to pump blood.


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2 capsules two times a day with food for the first 3 months. Then maintain dose of 1 capsule daily

Key Features

  • Reduces Blood Pressure
  • Reduce Hypertension
  • Helps regulate optimal blood flow

Tensed about Hypertension?

Stressful situations and habits such as smoking, alcohol, or maybe a hard day at work can increase your blood pressure which when left unattended can lead to hypertension. People with hypertension are usually more prone to heart diseases and strokes. In order to regulate blood pressure, you need to block out agents that increase the blood pressure.

Introducing you to Algamin!

Algamin, previously known as Cadalmin, is formulated by a group of eminent scientists of the Government of India.

  • Seaweed based Natural remedy to various types of Lifestyle Ailments
  • Rich in Fiber
  • Extracted by an eco friendly “Green Technology”
  • Dairy Free
  • No Harmful Chemicals or Pesticides
  • Gluten Free
  • No Pesticides

How Algamin Tension- Ease regulates your stress levels with Ease?

Algamin Tension- Ease contains bioactive ingredients which act as blockers to the angiotensin 2 receptors. Angiotensin II is a chemical in the human body that compresses the blood vessels thus restricting the flow of blood and causes hypertension. However, 100% Natural hypertensive extracts from marine seaweed effectively inhibit various mediators causing hypertension through metabolic pathways. Algamin Tension- Ease helps relax the veins and makes it easier for your heart to pump blood

ALGAMIN vs Synthetic/Allopathic Drugs

Algamin Synthetic/Allopathic Drugs
100% Natural Bio-Active Ingredients Synthetic or Chemical Ingredients
No Side Effects Potential side effects like Liver diseases, Kidney Complications, Anemia, etc.
Scientifically proven and documented by the Government of India Scientifically proven and documented by the Government of India

Latest reviews

  1. Preiti

    After 3 months, 1 cap daily – does that mean we have to continue with this med forever? Kindly advise.

    • TheLifeKart Admin

      Hi Preiti, Please contact 8075111312 for more information.

  2. Swapna

    Algamin gives me instant relief for my headaches.

  3. Victor

    Decent product, it works for me.

  4. Albert

    Best supplement for tension ease

  5. Sabith

    Algamin works for me, and nothing else has! My only worry is that my first bottle is almost over. Is it safe to go for a second without consulting a doctor?

  6. Edward

    This works better than anything else I have tried.

  7. Benjamin

    I experience tension on a regular basis and trust me. This works wonders.

  8. Daniel

    Very nice supplement. I purchased it for my mother. She found it effective. Thanks for a wonderful product.

  9. Neenu

    Has been great so far. Definitely would recommend it.

  10. Charles

    Perhaps the quantity could have been increased for a price like this. But no complaints about the quality, one of the best remedies for hypertension so far.

  11. Tency

    I bought this for my mother recently after her friend suggested it. She says it is good and is making her feel better than before.

  12. Anne

    The price could have been made affordable.

  13. Stella

    After years of living with BP tablets that almost made me numb, this natural medication really works wonders for me.

  14. Alphonsa

    This doesn’t work for me. Should i change my dosage?

  15. Nancy

    One of the best I have got from my father so far. Our doctor consulates it as it was just the beginning stage of HT for my father, it’s keeping him well.

  16. Elsa

    It is a decent product. Nothing bad so far.

  17. Clara

    I have tried various brands from the past few months. According to quality and value of money, Algamin is the best product so far.

  18. Delia

    Best one I have tried so far for improving my system. Can anyone tell me if this is people of old age?

  19. Mabel

    I don’t feel anything. Is the dosage different for everyone?

  20. Sharon

    I feel quite energetic after finishing a bottle. Can we try this one more time? Or should I consult before going for the second time?

  21. Luis

    Buy this without any doubt! It’s good!

  22. Linda

    Haven’t yet felt any difference, is it just me?

  23. Hilda

    I ordered this for my father who has high BP and feels tired often. It’s been 2 weeks, and things are going well so far. No side effects as well yet.

  24. Hanna

    Got my hands on this today. The package and delivery are good. I will update once I try.

  25. Gladys

    The change from taking a tablet after falling ill, and taking this in order to not fall ill has been refreshing. It is a good product for a healthier lifestyle.

  26. Ethel

    Works for me.

  27. Donna

    I have been using Algamin for 3 weeks now, and it is really worth it

  28. Annmarie

    I don’t think this is for me.

  29. Agatha

    I was crushed when I couldn’t adapt to the diet changes when I got high levels of BP. This works for me though.

  30. Hrithik Shan

    Decent product, recently started taking this one.

  31. Sunita Sunil

    This product works for me. As someone who had to run to hospital every now and then for getting my BP under control, this makes life easy.

  32. Jayesh Lata

    I have tried everything from fruits to bittergourd juice,to maintain a healthy lifestyle in this pandemic period. Algamin is a quality product you can try if you want to lead an active, stress-free life.

  33. Divya Ahuja

    After completing 2 bottles and still feel as good as ever, I have come to trust this product enough to recommend this to others. Do try this out, gives amazing results.

  34. Parth Bedi

    The quality of the product is fantastic. I feel so active compared to the last few months.

  35. Puja Kohli

    This is fairly a better product compared to others that use chemical ingredients in capsules..

  36. Lakshmi Sane

    My husband is a policeman and is always tired with stress and headache when he reaches home. This works like magic for him.

  37. Aditi Mishra

    Algamin works for me. Been taking this for the last few months after recommended by a doctor.

  38. Dharma Rajan

    Nice product

  39. Atharv Munshi

    My father had been using this for the last one month. His stress level is close to getting under control now.

  40. Anusha Grover

    Took this after consulting with my doctor. Good product. Waiting to see the complete results.

  41. Sibi

    It was really effective for my father who has been using this for the last 2 weeks. Would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a chemical-free remedy for hypertension.

  42. Agni Sarin

    Got this for my 65 year old granpa after his constant tiredness and fatigue due to hypertension. Now he is so active and energetic because of this product.

  43. Dipali Mehrotra

    Genuine product

  44. Pratyush Nath

    Really good product. Take regularly to see the effect

  45. Radha

    This is a very good product. I am now close to getting a second one. For everyone else reading this, consult a doctor if you are taking any other medication along with this.

  46. Kamini Mahajan

    I waited to see the results to post a genuine review , now I’m about to finish bottle and now I see noticeable difference. Go for it if you want a good result on BP and other lifestyle issues.

  47. Dhananjay Jaggi

    100% effective with no side effects

  48. Rani Anand

    I can’t thank this enough for bringing back my health. Being a call center employee, months of sitting at home and working day and night affected my body to a point I thought there was no going back. After trying out Algamin, I finally got a hope that things might turn out well.

  49. Arjun Sankaran

    Highly recommended for people who are looking to try out natural methods for lifestyle diseases

  50. Arnav Nanda

    Fighting lifestyle diseases with natural and vegetarian mix in a bottle is not something we hear usually. Definitely worthy.

  51. Pratap Varma

    There are some categories of products that I’d always prefer to buy in person, especially medicines. Hope they market this more on offline stores.

  52. Indira Devi

    This product is a revelation, could have made the price a bit more affordable though.

  53. Mohini Nigam

    I almost gave up on my health after I couldn’t control my BP. This product made with natural and vegetarian ingredients, is making me feel better now.

  54. Isha Sagar

    Algamin, with it’s natural and vegetarian ingredients is a very good choice to boost immunity towards hypertension. I faced no side effects, and feel better already.

  55. Rachana Trivedi

    Good packaging. Might be helpful if the delivery time was short.

  56. Kamala Naidu

    Very helpful product. I wasn’t sure of my mother’s health, especially after the pandemic started. She stressed out staying at home and working 24*7. This gives me hope, as I see her healthier than ever.

  57. Vimal Bobal

    Algamin had really changed my lifestyle which was a mess before due to my work stress and home life. I do not feel completely free, but this helped me step into the right direction.

  58. Pratibha Anne

    Very helpful product. It would have been better if the quantity was more.

  59. Ankit Bhandari

    Nice product. Read the instructions and take the right dosage before use to get the results.

  60. Shresth Garg

    When my friend suggested this for my frequent weariness caused by tension, I never would have thought it might change my entire lifestyle. More active than ever now because of this.

  61. Mira Kalita

    Satisfied with the usage. Maintained my father’s BP.

  62. Sahima Dua

    It helps our heart health. Worth buying.

  63. Nishant Balasubramanian

    Very nice product. Lowers hypertension and gives an active life.

  64. Sahima Peri

    Best suited product for my parent’s heart issues. Would recommend it to all.

  65. Savitri Mane

    I had great relief in heart palpitation high blood pressure

  66. Krishna Prasad

    It is a good product with authentic Ayurvedic essence for the heart.

  67. Vritika Pau

    Good product nicely packed and Delivered good medicine for heart strengthening

  68. Indrani Lalla

    Really an awesome product. Works very well.

  69. Nima Chana

    I liked the product as it is able to lower my BP. I am using it along with my modern medicines.

  70. Jayendra Banerjee

    The product got delivered on time. The packing is good.

  71. Kanti Ravel

    I have been using the product for the last 3 months. It helped me stabilize my pulse rate.

  72. Advik Rout

    Very good product, it really helped me to overcome my hypertension.

  73. Minakshi Gandhi

    It’s a good one, works for my grandfather.

  74. Ankit Dhaliwal

    Excellent product…helps to keep you active throughout the day…continue for at least 3 months for maximum benefit.

  75. Chandra Bobal

    It helps my mother to reduce her blood pressure.

  76. Sita Mukherjee

    Amazing product. Nicely priced. Trustworthy.

  77. Shivansh Kapoor

    Very good for heart health. Normally after 3 months of usage, your high BP will be lowered and you can feel improvement in your heart also.

  78. Madhukar Hegde

    I could not take more than one week. This doesn’t work for me.

  79. Minali Devan

    Not easy to swallow.

  80. Anik Taneja

    It works well for my hypertension.

  81. Richa Kara

    Really helps to calm the mind and increases blood circulation.

  82. Aarushi Mahajan

    I was stressed about balancing work and family. Not only my tension is reduced but all symptoms of stress like fatigue and headache are gone.

  83. Shivali Arora

    Very useful product. I used it for 10 days and got visible positive results.

  84. Gaurav Dewan

    Recommended for stress, strain, anxiety.

  85. Indira Parekh

    I felt it is a very good purchase and is definitely helping me feel better.

  86. Chandrakant Lalla

    Good product. I’ve been using it for 1 month and the results are positive.

  87. Kamakshi Vaidya

    My anxiety is no more after 1 month of using it.

  88. Karishma Chaudhuri

    Reduced my tension in a nice way. Good product.

  89. Niraj Joshi

    I have trouble sleeping because of work stress. After using this I’ve noticed that I’m calmer at night before sleep and I fall asleep more easily than ever before.

  90. Uma Choudhry

    Good product. Does what it says. No Side effects.

  91. Pratap reddy (verified owner)

    Really good results.My BP was 170,160/120,140.Now after taking this capsules it’s 140/100,127/90 & 130/85.Thanks Lifekart .This results?

  92. Krishna Kumar

    I am an IT employee and I have so much work load. Due to the work pressure I was really struggling in my life but after I started consuming this medicine I really feel calm and relieved. Now I know how to handle work life and personal life. Thanks to the team for manufacturing this product.

  93. Amber Shah

    My wife bought me this medicine online and after using it I am really happy and satisfied. My stress and anger issues gor better now and my wife is really happy.

  94. Nila S N

    This miracle supplement really made my life better. I feel mentally ok after using this for 2 months.

  95. Sana S

    Does anyone have side effects from this? I want to know about your personal experience.

  96. Amar Dev

    This supplement really helps my stressful life. Must try every tense person who is looking for solutions.

  97. Asvathama Ponnada

    I used this supplement along with my BP medicine and I feel better.

  98. Devasru Subramanyan

    For those who are suffering from hypertension, this is a miracle medicine.

  99. Dhritiman Salim

    I had some panic attacks after covid and working from home. This supplement helps me relieve some stress.

  100. Avantas Ghosal

    Due to the pandemic I have some anxiety issues, a friend of mine suggested that I use this. I am happy after using it.

  101. Amrish Ilyas

    Thank you so much for this supplement. My work from home stress relieved a lot.

  102. Pratibha Varma

    It’s a must buy product and highly recommend helps to boost your activeness and feel fresh throughout the day.

  103. Nazrin Hussain

    A friend recommended it to me and I bought it to try.. amazing product ..

  104. Gadha nandhan

    After using the product I felt like refreshed, low stress level.

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