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Algamin Diabet- Ease

55 Reviews

Algamin, previously known as Cadalmin, is formulated by a group of eminent scientists of the Government of India.

✔️ Seaweed based Natural remedy to various types of Lifestyle Ailments
✔️ Rich in Fibre content
✔️ Extracted by an eco friendly “Green Technology”
✔️ Developed from 100% Natural Marine Seaweed from the Ocean

Algamin Diabet- Ease contains 100% natural bioactive ingredients extracted from brown seaweed that enhances and stimulates the body’s ability to produce insulin and reduce blood sugar levels.


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2 capsules two times a day with food for the first 3 months. Then maintain dose of 1 capsule daily.

Key Features

  • Reduces Blood Glucose Levels
  • Promotes Healthy Glucose Metabolism
  • Natural Remedy for Type II Diabetes

Suffering from Type II Diabetes?

Type II diabetes is a condition that affects the way your body processes blood sugar. Either the body resists insulin or it doesn’t produce enough insulin( a hormone that regulates the flow of sugar). Some of the symptoms are.

  • Excessive urination
  • Thirst
  • Blurry vision
  • Numb feet

Introducing you to Algamin!

Algamin is a seaweed based natural remedy that will provide you relief from various lifestyle ailments like Arthritis, Diabetes, and hypertension.

  • Enriched with Natural Bio active ingredients
  • Rich in Fiber
  • Low moisture content Vegan HPMC capsules
  • Dairy Free
  • No Harmful Chemicals or Pesticides
  • Gluten Free
  • No Pesticides

How Algamin Diabet- Ease regulates your glucose levels with Ease?

Algamin Diabet- Ease contains 100% natural bioactive ingredients extracted from brown seaweed. Change in lifestyle has contributed to the presence of diabetes causing agents in the body.The active principles of Algamin Diabet- Ease extract efficiently inhibits various diabetes causing mediators. Algamin Diabet-Ease enhances and stimulates the body’s ability to produce insulin and reduce blood sugar levels.

ALGAMIN vs Synthetic/Allopathic Drugs

Algamin Synthetic/Allopathic Drugs
100% Natural Bio-Active Ingredients Synthetic or Chemical Ingredients
No Side Effects Potential side effects like Liver diseases, Kidney Complications, Anemia etc.
Scientifically proven and documented by Government of India Scientifically proven and documented by Government of India

Latest reviews

  1. rajan budhiraja

    I will comment after some time taking this product a period of 15 days

  2. Ubaid

    I’ve been suffering from the disease for a long time after taking this medication for a couple of weeks I’ve observed a drop in my glucose levels. I’m no longer dependent on insulin injections and my sugar levels are at an acceptable level. I’m feeling much more well and can live a normal life. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone suffering from diabetes.

  3. Lazar

    I’ve suffered from diabetes for a an year now, after having this medication for a few weeks, I’ve noticed an increase in my blood sugar levels. I’m no more being dependent upon insulin injections, and the sugar level is at a normal level. I am feeling much better and am living an ordinary life. I highly suggest this to anyone who suffers from diabetes.

  4. Jishin

    My father has been taking this supplement with his diabetes for the past month. He’s seen very positive outcomes with his energy levels and will continue to take it for another couple of months.He didn’t feel any side effects with this product. I highly recommend this product for everyone suffered from diabetes.

  5. Sameera

    My mother, who is 60, was diagnosed with Diabetes 2 years ago.She began taking Thelifekart’s migraine relief kit recently, taking two tablets per day at the beginning of the day and another in the evening. It’s been slow, but a safe procedure and without negative effects. Her blood sugar has so mnuch difference after consuming this producrt. It feels completely natural. She’s so confident about it and doesn’t want to miss every day since.Thanks LIfekart, it has been the best for my mom.

  6. Indrani Devi

    It’s Useful for type II Diabetic Patients but too Costly.

  7. Devadas Om

    Very good product. Packaging is good. Good for diabetic patients.

  8. Hrithik Din

    My mother-in-law, who is a type ii diabetic, loved the product.

  9. Lila Barad

    Got it for my mom, she says it’s good. Must try for all diabetic patients.

  10. Malati Bahri

    I have been purchasing this product for more than 4 months now. I purchased it for my father’s friend who was not at all well. Now he has become an energetic person.

  11. Ritu Krishna

    My mom has diabetes and we had a hard time finding the right kind of supplement. Finally, we found it.

  12. Bhavana Narayanan

    Best product for diabetic people. Feeling more strength than before.

  13. Namrata Mistry

    The product if consumed daily gives you the necessary nutrients thereby keeping your agility all throughout the day. Highly recommended for controlling your glucose level.

  14. Nirupama Saraf

    The product is good but the price is very high for long term usage, my wife who is ill is dependent on this product.

  15. Lina Guha

    Good for type II diabetics patients. Sugar is in control.

  16. Ishita Arya

    Happy with this father is Type II diabetic and he has been using it for many months and he likes it very much… His sugar level is neither high nor too low.

  17. Azad Bahl

    My dad uses it and he really feels a little more strength on his body. But I personally feel it is a little bit costly.

  18. Advay Cherian

    The product is definitely good, I frequently buy this for my grandmother.

  19. Manan Amble

    Elder people who are diabetic and losing weight or any kind of weakness buy it. Really worth buying.

  20. Sunil Bath

    My mother, being a diabetic patient, uses it as a daily intake, and her views on the product are kind of positive. She liked it very much.

  21. Anima Kibe

    This is my 4th order. This is a genuine review to help others. My father is using this as he is a diabetic patient and he says he feels active and energetic after taking these pills.

  22. Talika Murty

    My father used it for 2 years. Highly recommended.

  23. Kamini Rai

    Just been about a week since my parents started using it. So far they are happy.

  24. Kamala Mistry

    It is a great product for Diabetic people.. I bought it for my mom as she has become weak due to diabetes. Now she is healthy.

  25. Azad Aggarwal

    Timely delivery. Good for diabetic patients.

  26. Riya Sangha

    Good product. Sealed and nicely packed.

  27. Nila Mandal

    For diabetic and cancer patients I used. It was an excellent product.

  28. Hama Pant

    The price for the product is too high… I think they should look over the price otherwise the product is good and effective.

  29. Suniti Bahri

    I would recommend it, though it is a bit expensive.

  30. Jagan Patla

    The product is good and seems authentic

  31. Dipa Bassi

    Feels better than ever before. I have been a diabetic patient for the past 5 years. I have tried so many medicines and this one really works for me.

  32. Upasana Krishna

    Haven’t noticed any difference in the first 2 weeks. I will update after one month.

  33. Kailash Golla

    Great product. Ordered one for myself and another for my 75+ parents.

  34. Sahima Devi

    Have been searching for a pure ayurvedic supplement for diabetics and finally I found one.

  35. Pathan Kareem Khan

    Will revert

  36. Manav Gupta

    Can I give this to a 70 years old lady?

  37. Megha Thampi

    Timely delivery with safe conditions. Just have started using it. Hope it will yield the intended result.

  38. Manu Lal

    Product is good but has some disgusting ayurvedic smell.

  39. Swathy Santhosh

    Very good product with a good flavour.

  40. Varun Sekhar

    Does anyone feel nausea and vomiting after having the capsule?

  41. Vardhini Thampi

    I would buy it again, I’m happy with it and it did meet my expectations.

  42. Nakul Mehtha Raj

    So far everything is ok. Nice for the price, really works.

  43. Sreevidhya Anil

    Can I give this to a 70 years old lady?

  44. Maya Sathish

    Timely delivery with safe conditions. Just have started using it. Hope it will yield the intended result.

  45. Suresh Madhavan

    Product is good but has some disgusting ayurvedic smell.

  46. Parvathy Somanath

    Very good product with a good flavour.

  47. Manohar M

    Does anyone feel nausea and vomiting after having the capsule?

  48. Aarathy SS

    I would buy it again, I’m happy with it and it did meet my expectations.

  49. Vani S

    So far everything is ok. Nice for the price, really works.

  50. Ganga Saraswathy

    I purchased it for my grandmother, she is a diabetic patient. It works really Great.

  51. Rahul Wareer

    I ordered for my dad who has been a diabetic patient for the past 8 years. So far no complaints from his side. Will update after 2 months of usage.

  52. Nikhil

    I bought this for my diabetic parents and they said they are happy with the product.

  53. Janaki Vimal

    Does what it says, it is perfectly safe

  54. Neenu Udup

    More than expectations. Effective product. Bought it for my ma & her sugar levels are controlled.

  55. Tom Philip

    It’s excellent product to control Blood Sugar. Pls reduce price.

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Alagamin Diabet-ease is formulated by a combination of 100% natural brown seaweed, which has many therapeutic properties that helps in Diabetes regulation. It contains bio-active ingredients that contribute to the enhancement of sugar levels in diabetic patients. If you’re searching for diabetes tablet online in India, then it is the most healthy and happy option to choose from.

Also, Alagamin Diabet-ease is recommended by eminent scientists of India, who work in the domain of natural medications

This tablet contains a lot of beneficial ingredients that contribute to diabetes mellitus regulation. The product is made from a process that complies with all-natural ingredients and an eco-friendly manufacturing process. Various advantages accompany this product such as reducing blood glucose levels, promoting healthy metabolism and curing various lifestyle ailments.

If you’re looking for a diabetes medicine in India, then Algamin Diabet-ease is the best option for you to choose from

No, Algamin Diabet-ease has no side effects on the body, as it is purely natural and made from hand-picked ingredients like brown marine seaweed. It helps in regulation of blood glucose levels, increases metabolic activities and also decreases the risk of high sugar levels. These beneficial aspects make Algamin Diabet-ease the best diabetes tablets in India

It works on an excellent formula of combined natural ingredients like brown seaweed and other bioactive components. It suppresses various diabetes causing elements in the body, working in a simple yet effective way against blood glucose levels. Moreover, ingredients present in Algamin Diabet-ease are approved by CMFRI, under the government of India.

If you’re searching for a diabetic product online, which is very healthy and beneficial, then Algamin Diabet-ease is the best option for you

Yes, Algamin Diabet-ease is a genuine and trustworthy product, jointly developed by eminent scientists of India. This product is prepared under the supervision of CMFRI, which itself is a major government marine institution. Moreover, this product has no side effects on the body and is proven by governing bodies.

It is the best diabetes product online in India, due to the exceptional properties and trustworthy development process

The recommended serving by experts for this product is 2 capsules two times per day, preferably after meals. For the first three months, maintain this frequency and after that continue with 1 tablet per day. Also, it is to be noted that Algamin Diabet-ease is the best diabetes medicine in India

No, there is no requirement of consulting a doctor before consuming Algamin Diabet-ease, which are the best diabetes tablets in India. Other diabetes medicines online are not trustworthy and have major side effects on the body, so Algamin Diabet-ease is made with government institute supervision. Which makes it the best anti-diabetic product in India

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