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Acidity Relief

102 Reviews

A unique blend of ancient herb extracts that eliminate gastric conditions

✔️ Fights Acidity and other gastric issues
✔️ Helps maintain a healthy gut
✔️ Eliminates H. pylori bacteria and shields from future occurrence


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Take one tablet 20 minutes before food three times a day

Key Features

  • Fights Acidity and other gastric issues
  • Helps maintain a healthy gut
  • Eliminates H. pylori bacteria and shields from future occurrence
  • No Side effect
  • Vegan
  • Probiotic

Why do we face gastric issues and acidity?

Our Stomach is home to millions of bacteria. However some bacterias do you more harm than good and one of them is Heliobacter Pylori bacteria. H. pylori bacteria is the primary reason for acidity and other gastric issues. Our diet and our lifestyle increases the population of the H. pylori bacteria in the body.

Key Ingredients of our Acidity Relief Kit

Black Cumin: Black cumin with honey is one of the oldest combination given to naturally treat gastric issues and studies strongly suggest black cumin as anti-helicobacter.
Cumin: High ginger concentrate powder (ginger concentrate) and high cumin concentrate used in the combination has an antibacterial effect on even highly antibiotic – resistant H. pylori bacteria.
Peppermint: Ginger is known to be one of the best in curing bowel-related issues, plus being a good anti-oxidant and an anti-inflammatory ingredient, it prevents further H. pylori growth.
Licorice: Licorice extract do not let the H. pylori bacteria, stick onto the gut walls, and thereby blocks the growth of H. pylori bacteria.
Ginger: Licorice is traditionally used against acidity and ulcers in smoothening stomach and gut linings by repelling H. pylori bacteria. (The major cause for acidity)

How Acidity Relief Kit helps you improve your intestinal health

Unhealthy diet practices and over consumption of antibiotics has increased the population of H. pylori bacteria in the stomach. These bacteria are the root cause of acidity and other gastric issues. Our 100% natural herbal extracts will prevent the widespread of this bacteria and help you maintain a healthy balance of intestinal fauna.

Latest reviews

  1. Manimala

    How long will I take this

    • TheLifeKart Admin

      Hi, Please contact 8075111312 for more information.

  2. Babu

    I heard about this product from my friend recently. I ordered and it’s been 7 days since I started using this. I feel really comfortable after taking food now. thank you so much.

  3. Alfin

    Good result for me

  4. Shahul

    Best product with affordable price

  5. Sherly

    Good product. I loved it

  6. Sanju

    Nice product give relief very fast.

  7. Jithesh

    Miracle product

  8. Samuel

    I bought one bottle of this product and it is almost finished. I feel a slight difference in my acidity so I would like to order another bottle.

  9. Thomas

    I think this does not work well for me

  10. Prasanth

    I bought this product for myself but I and my wife used it. I didn’t feel too much difference but she is happy with this product and ordered another bottle.

  11. Gopalakrishnan

    Best product for acidity

  12. Sanjith

    This is the product I purchased last week because of my heavy difficult acidity. It is really surprising for me that it shows results within 2 days of use. I am fully happy and suggested this to my friends too.

  13. Finto

    This product helped me to re-taste my favorite foods back. I am satisfied

  14. Vrindha

    Vey good product

  15. Veena

    100% effective

  16. Akshara

    Highly recommended product

  17. Avanthika

    I purchased this product for my Father, he is suffering from acidity for a long and has tried a lot of Stuff. This is the only medicine that showed any results to him. It’s only been 3 days since he started using this but he felt effective.

  18. Saritha

    Best product ever purchsed for acidicity

  19. Anto

    Genuine products is shown effective results on me

  20. Linto

    I am taking this tablet for about one week. I can really feel the difference. Really effective!

  21. Shinto

    I was an acidic person and I used to avoid my favorite foods. After Using Lifekart’s acidity relief tablet my heartburn really feels better. Thank you so much

  22. Vamika

    I don’t feel anything different. Is the dosage different for everyone?

  23. Litty

    Really helpful for me to get rid of my acidity problem.

  24. Hritha

    Should I consult a doctor before switching to herbal tablets?

  25. Shobha

    No doubt, this works for me.

  26. Soumya

    Haven’t yet felt any difference.

  27. Reshmitha

    I ordered this for my father who has cholesterol and feels gastric issues. It’s been 2 weeks, and things are going well. No side effects as well yet.

  28. Reena

    Got my hands on this today. The package and delivery are good.

  29. Sindhu

    The herbal mix in the tablet has been refreshing. It is an apt product for a healthier lifestyle.

  30. Dhanya

    Works for me.

  31. Prabha

    I have been using the Acidity relief tablet for 3 weeks now, and it is really worth it

  32. Maneesha

    I don’t think this is for me.

  33. Giffy

    I was crushed when I couldn’t enjoy any sold food due to gastric problems. After taking this, I believe that this herbal tablet is the one for me.

  34. Binnet

    Decent product, recently started taking this one.

  35. Jaina

    I have tried everything from amla to bitter gourd juice, to maintain a healthy gut. This is a quality product you can try if you want to lead an active life.

  36. Giliya

    I trust this product enough to recommend this to others. Do try this out, gives amazing results.

  37. Shefin

    The quality of the product is fantastic. I can finally have some fried snacks without worrying about my gut.

  38. Anadhakrishnan

    This is fairly a better product compared to other products claiming to solve gas problems.

  39. Goutham

    As a food blogger, this comes in handy all the time.

  40. Sam

    Acidity relief works for me. Been taking this for the last few months after being recommended by a doctor.

  41. Saji

    It worked wonders for my digestion issues. Would recommend it to anyone.

  42. Sumathi

    It’s a good product.

  43. Athulya

    Haven’t yet felt any difference, is it just me?

  44. Thomas

    Nice product

  45. Ajay kumar

    My burning sensation had reduced well after taking this.

  46. Krishnapriya

    Not exactly a fan of the taste of this.

  47. Lal

    It is good for me. Try this out.

  48. Akhilesh

    It’s worth it. Consult a doctor before trying this if you have any doubts.

  49. Chinju

    I don’t see much difference.

  50. Athul

    The tablet works wonders, but I’m not sure if it is of any help for GERD.

  51. Anoop

    The product is quite satisfactory. It reduces the gastroesophageal irritation/burning sensation, so the product is good.

  52. Sanjana

    Decent product.

  53. Kamala Bumb

    It might be helpful if the quantity was better for the price.

  54. Jishnu

    Very good and effective medicine for hyperacidity. Thank you Lifekart for this amazing product. !

  55. Aparna

    I am a person suffering from chronic acidity and this product really works for me. Highly recommended!

  56. Parvathy

    This product did not really work for me. But my friend had been suffering from acidity for a long time, and he experiences significant changes after taking this medicine. Seeing that, I also decided to buy this product but it did not make a big difference to me.

  57. Lakshmi

    I don’t know how I can express my gratitude for this product. It really worked well on me and helped me get rid of the issue which had haunted me for a long time.

  58. Pravitha

    Must try the product for everyone who is suffering from acidity. Really effective!

  59. Abhaya

    This tablet is really very effective for acidity. Thank you Lifekart!

  60. Bhadra

    This has been really good for my bloating issues after my pregnancy.

  61. Vaani

    It is a good product that helps reduce the discomfort of burning or irritation in the gastroesophageal region. The product is a good choice.

  62. Thomas jacob

    It gives amazing results if taken in the correct dosage.

  63. Amal Chandra

    The quality of the product is much better than the chemical tablets for gastric issues.

  64. Tiny

    Got this for my mother after she complained of frequent acidity. She is doing better now.

  65. Charulatha

    Nice product. haven’t yet seen the full results yet, so should I consult anyone?

  66. Akhila Anand

    This works for me. Been taking this for the last few months after being recommended by a doctor.

  67. Appu SS

    I like it. I can see the quality of the herbal product.

  68. Ayshwarya Satya

    Nice product. Works for me.

  69. Jayesh Nadkarni

    Got it today. Hope for the best.

  70. Kani Narasimhan

    Got this for my husband after consulting with a doctor. He feels better already thanks to this.

  71. Sindhu

    Good product

  72. Parvathy

    Really good product. Take regularly to experience the change.

  73. Madhuri Varma

    Being a woman traveller, I have to take long trips and often eat from food stalls on the road side. This has been helping me for months now concerning my digestion and bloating problems on road.

  74. Lavanya Ganesh

    Very effective with zero side effects.

  75. Nitya Kalita

    Take a doctor’s advise if your issues are more severe than a normal gastric issue

  76. Kabira Mittal

    Highly recommended for women who are looking to try out natural supplements for digestion and bloating issues on period-days.

  77. Abhinav Ravi

    Just started using the product and am already seeeing the changes.

  78. Kanta Shan

    Definitely a worthy product.

  79. Sharma Bassi

    This product works for me. Not only this is good for my body, but this is also making my life easy.

  80. Vijaya Saraf

    This miracle in a bottle did wonders for my mother, who has been taking medicines for her gastric problems.

  81. Mahendra Dara

    This acidity relief tablet is a good product. I wish it lasted longer though.

  82. Asim Ranganathan

    I bought this to help with my digestion, and it’s working well.

  83. Parth Samra

    As someone who has been suffering form gastric conditions for years, I faced no side-effects, and feel better already.

  84. Subhash Chhabra

    I ordered this for my daughter to help with her bloating on menstruating days. Very useful so far.

  85. Pranay Butala

    If you are looking for an ayurvedic supplement for acidity relief, go for this. It was really helpful for my sister.

  86. Ritika Brahmbhatt

    Very helpful for my parents.

  87. Durga Prabhakar

    Nice product. Consume it daily for better results.

  88. Chandra Kalita

    I have always been cautious of getting gastric products, especially ayurvedic supplement online. After using this for a month, this works for me now more than anything else.

  89. Sarita Raja

    Very good product. My bloating problem had never been this low.

  90. Uma Devi

    I was too tense and confused before using this supplement, but it instantly helped in curing my bloating problem. I am completely satisfied.

  91. Tanvi Ghosh

    The product has a bitter taste but it really works for my acidity problem.

  92. Anas Malik

    For everyone who has been looking and looking for acidity just try this on my review.

  93. Pooja Varma

    These capsules are effective in acid reflux, bloating problems. I recommend you to try this.

  94. Noor Rahim

    Best antacid medicines ever!! Thank you so much.

  95. Ashika Shree

    Helps with the acidity and heartburn issues.

  96. Meera Vani

    This product is very nice taken just 30 mins before your meals. It helps to digest food and gives instant relief from gas and acidity.

  97. Harpreet Singh

    Definitely worth buying. I would recommend especially during this pandemic because we can’t go outside for exercising or any physical activities. We all just sit back and eat comfortably at home without taking care of health.

  98. Ektha Sandeep

    It is a magical supplement which doesn’t give any stomach discomfort.

  99. Lalitha Prasad

    Great for stomach problems. I recommend this to everyone.

  100. Harpreet Kaur

    Very good product to improve your digestion & solve all stomach related ailments.

  101. Suryan Agarwal

    Tried this product for the first time. Has a pungent taste but the results are very evident. They also offer diet plan to be taken during this time which further improves the result.

  102. Rohit Ninan

    It is very useful for health and also perfect for digestive actions. I bought this and found it too much helpful.

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