How to avoid frequent heartburn in 5 simple steps

Remedies for heartburn

The Lower oesophageal Sphincter is the muscle that regulates the passage between the oesophagus and the stomach. If it isn’t entirely closed, the stomach’s acid and food can flow back to your oesophagus. It is the condition referred to as acid reflux. The most frequent sign associated with acid reflux may be the burning feeling in your chest, also known as heartburn. While most people use medication to treat heartburn and acid reflux, many lifestyle changes can help to reduce symptoms and improve the living quality.

Easy ways to get rid of heartburn

Occasional heartburn is common. However, some people experience more frequent episodes that may interfere with everyday life.Try these simple habits likely to be a part of your treatment plan to prevent heartburn.

1.Lose your weight

The occasional heartburn may happen to everyone. However, being overweight is among the main factors that cause GERD. An uncomfortable and burning sensation can be felt in the chest after overeating or eating the wrong type of food. Therefore, losing weight with a heart-healthy diet is essential to prevent the risk of frequent heartburn. As you lose weight, stay away from beverages and foods that trigger your heartburn. It includes tomatoes, coffee and other spicy food. It is possible to introduce them to your diet slowly each day until you’ve reached your weight loss goal.

2.Eat slowly

People should try eating smaller meals more frequently instead of three big meals per day to get rid of acidity symptoms. The food should be consumed in small portions and chewed correctly. If you eat a large meal, your stomach won’t be able to take it in slowly and it needs to produce more acid to deal with the considerable quantity of food. This may push acid up to the oesophagus and sphincter, then into the throat, where it causes irritation. Chewing food for a long time makes it easier to digest. The saliva that covers food particles as you chew is a source of enzymes that smoothen the process of digestion. If you eat fast, the stomach won’t be in a position to inform your brain that you’re full. People tend to consume less food when they eat slower, which helps avoid heartburn.

3.Sleep on your left side

Patients suffering from acid reflux generally have the symptoms at night. Heartburn usually happens when acid is pushed back up into a person’s oesophagus, and it mainly occurs at night while sleeping. It will interrupt you from getting enough sleep. Sleep on your left side, which makes the reflux process more challenging. In this sleeping position, the stomach stays below the oesophagus, and if the stomach acid escapes, it will be returned back to the belly and not to the oesophagus. Sleeping on your left side is far better for people suffering from frequent heartburn.

4.Avoid smoking

Smoking cigarettes could worsen GERD, and the process of quitting smoking can provide an immediate reduction in heartburn symptoms. The stomach produces acidic juices that aid in helping you digest food. If these juices leak back into your oesophagus, they could cause heartburn. However, smoking can weaken the sphincter, a valve in your muscles that keeps fluids within the stomach. As a result, smoking allows stomach acids to move back into the oesophagus resulting in heartburn. Smoking also decreases saliva production in the mouth and this makes it difficult to neutralize acid reflux and heartburn.

5.TheLifeKart’s solution

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