The new norm is prevention


The world faces an enemy that it does not know how to fight. We as a race have always had illnesses that have baffled us. The plague, smallpox, HIV and until recently our biggest threat, CANCER. Through science and technology, we have managed to move on with minimum casualties (as minimum as it could have been) because we were able to figure out what we were fighting. But this new enemy has us rattled, there is much we don’t know about COVID 19, and that scares us.

Rightfully so, the plague used to be feared until we figured out it came from fleas and discovered that antibiotics can cure it. Our new enemy is mysterious, we don’t fully understand it, thus creating fear and controversy around it. 

With the world’s current predicament, where does it leave your health concerns and needs? 

There are growing concerns around visiting the hospital for treatment, people now are finding ways to cure themselves and attaining the knowledge necessary to prevent illnesses. Finding out Herbal and Ayurvedic ingredients to help solve the symptoms that they are suffering from. Finding out pure squalene supplements like O2live to boost immunity and stay ahead of the many of the diseases. The need for health supplements and products to sustain a healthy life is on the high now. Not only supplements but Ayurvedic drink mixes like Maruthua Panchajeerakagudam and Poshak Plus with its herbal ingredients are now used to maintain a healthy body and spirit. 

Life has changed once again and we must change with it. It is no longer enough to wait for the proper time and space for treatment. Now is the time to learn and find ways to help yourself. To go and find that which is best for you is the new norm, prevention is better than finding a cure after all.