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100% pure squalene supplements to help strengthen the immune system and help regain lost health by improving cellular metabolism with the power of oxygen



O2live is India’s No: 1 Oxygen Supplement that improves your immunity, boosts your energy levels and enhances skin health- with the help of Oxygen.

How O2live works:

O2live is an Oxygen supplement if consumed on a daily basis will reward you with tremendous health benefits.

✔️ Supports the transportation of Oxygen in the body on a cellular level, thus increases the Bio-availability of Oxygen for your body.
✔️ Fights free radicals present in the body due to lifestyle disorders, environment and diet.
✔️ A powerful natural antioxidant.
✔️ Aids in Immune System Regulation.
✔️ Enhance Skin texture and quality and protects you against UV Radiation.
✔️ Helps Lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol.

Viruses, pathogens and free radicals attack the healthy cells in our body on a daily basis. As a result, Oxygen is unable to reach all the cells in your body due to the lingering free radicals.
O2live contains 99.9% Squalene. Squalene is a natural molecule occurring in the human body that boosts immunity, energy and improves skin quality. The level of squalene in the body reduces as we age. This reduction in Squalene leads to low oxygen levels in the body which results in poor sleep, early ageing and lifestyle diseases.

O2live contains essential squalene which fight the free radicals and in turn ensure OXYGEN reaches all the cells resulting in a healthy body bursting vitality.

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Latest reviews

  1. Aleena George

    Fast delivery. Even got a free sanitizer along with my order. Thank you Lifekart. Will order more products in the future.

  2. Ardra S Menon

    Have heard of squalene’s usage in cosmetics earlier. First time experience in consuming a squalene supplement.

  3. Beena Kumari

    First time using this product. Feels quite energetic and fresh after using for one month.

  4. Faizal Hameed

    I just started the course. So far didnt feel any difference as such. Waiting to complete the course to give a proper feedback.

  5. Aqib Ali

    No result yet.

  6. Prateeksha Sinha

    Good one. Would definitely recommend others.

  7. Mahima Vaidya

    We tried O2live to regulate my father’s cholesterol levels. It worked! It’s a great supplement to boost your overall health also.

  8. Midhun s (verified owner)

    Nice product…. Good for bodybalencing… Highly recommended

  9. Pooja Shetty

    I now have better hair thanks to Squalene. When you take biotin and squalene together, then it has a positive effect.

  10. Arjun Rao

    I’m really conscious about my health. I work out six days a week and I consume supplements because I know I do not get all the nutrients I need from my diet. O2live is one of the supplements I take. It improves the bioavailability of protein in the body and allows me to recover faster from my workouts.

  11. Sandesh Nair

    Nice product. Would definitely suggest it.

  12. Santhosh S

    I saw this product on FB and placed an order. Initially I was skeptical about the product and the website as both were new to me. But then, Lifekart team amazed me with the same day delivery service along with a complimentary gift. I have already recommended O2live to few of my friends as I could see results in my second bottle. Stay healthy with O2.

  13. Haika Khan

    Little expensive compared to fish oil capsules.

  14. Ved Prakash

    Delivery time was little too much. But product is okay okay.

  15. Vignesh M Nambiar

    I used to have small brown spots on my arms for a very long time and tried using many medicines, creams and gels but didn’t get any result. I’ve started consuming o2live squelene capsules for over a month now and I’ve started seeing results on my skin. The spots have started to become lighter and suppressed. It also enhanced my dry skin, especially in this hot and humid climate.

  16. Mohammed Raez

    Overpriced and no free delivery even.

  17. Sowmya Pandey

    It’s an amazing supplement. I never used to take any supplements because I didn’t believe in that concept. O2live changed that for me.

  18. Giju Binu

    Great product…my work involves field work and travel. After using O2live I feel more energetic and resistant to common weaknesses

  19. Madhumita Shenoy

    I tested positive for Covid and then after two weeks of isolation and care, I tested negative. But my body was always tired, I couldn’t get myself to do anything, all I wanted to do was lie on bed, even while working on my laptop. One of my cousins suggested that I try O2live and trust me there is a big difference in my mood, my energy levels and the skin on my face. I look fresh.

  20. John

    Definitely feels fresh in the morning after eating this and makes me more productive the whole day

  21. Kannan Kenz

    Dont expect an over night result. I’m now using this supplement regularly for almost three months now. I feel more energetic and healthy.

  22. Sonia

    Delivered late. But very effective for burned skin when applied squalene from the capsule. It was suggested by skin specialist friend of mine. Surprised to see skin tone back in 1 week.

  23. Murali gowda

    Took the tablet for few days, it didnt suit me as it was producing a lot of heat.

  24. Radhika

    The squalene oil can be broken and applied on various skin condition. It healed my dry skin within 3 days. Oil is not at all sticky and absorbs in skin very fast

  25. Latha Gulati

    Finished one bottle. No change. 🙁

  26. Vaidehi Viswanath

    Ever since i started taking O2live tablets, i haven’t fallen ill. I have felt I’m less lethargic and more healthier.

  27. Vishal

    o2live is a very healthy capsule for incorporating in our daily diet. The results might not be immediate but long term use has definitely helped improve my immune system

  28. Aswathi Ashok

    With the kind of lifestyle we lead, O2live is a boon to modern society. I regularly take O2live tablets and i can feel the difference in my energy levels.

  29. Shyla Mathews

    I have used o2live and it’s really effective for me. I used to have severe morning allergies but after eating o2live for 3 months it has drastically reduced and i feel more energized after eating the capsules

  30. Swati Krishna

    One of the better supplements I consume. Never knew about Squalene before and how it can change your life.

  31. Krithi Kannan

    Something so simple can improve the life of many and becomes a solution to a lot of health problems we are facing today.

  32. Jennifer Crasta

    If you try to maintain an antioxidants rich diet, then O2live is one supplement you must have. O2live has the compound called squalene which is an amazing antioxidant and also great for good skin.

  33. Ahaana Desai

    O2live is a great supplement to add to your diet. Period.

  34. Dhanush Balasubramaniam

    Good things come in small packages. I know that’s true . thanks to O2live.

  35. Narayana Moorthy

    Squalene will change your life. Squalene is ancient knowledge and now O2live makes squalene accessible to everyone.

  36. Alka Pai

    Squalene compliments the food we intake, I mean, if we have healthy food, squalene will help your body absorb the nutrients in food.

  37. Thomas

    Very nice and unique product

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