Habits are a choice, change it.

We are our own worst enemy

 In the 21st century choosing what to eat is a herculean task, gone are the days when you need to forage for food, now we “Swiggy it”. This advanced technology allows us to choose whatever we want and in that wide array of choices we have somehow forgotten what’s good and bad. Would you choose a tasty Kung pao chicken over a bowl of salad, even though you know a bowl of Salad is not riddled with MSG and sodium. The same goes for our home cooked meals, South Indian cuisines heavily rely on cumin and turmeric, condiments that have been known to be used as anti-inflammatory and help combat cholesterol – we barely use them in any of our meals. Cinnamon, a herbal drug that has cardiovascular benefits, nobody uses them anymore. Even in home cooked food, we take the processed easy-to- use version of it. Using the old ways of cooking and living is the key to preventing many diseases like diabetes, heart diseases and even certain types of cancer to an extent.

Our ancestors struggled to find food and ate what they got, we have abundance of food- yet they lived healthier. With the creation of abundance, we no longer have to eat what we get. As humans we started to focus on other things, taste and feelings took over and our diets changed into something that is slowly killing us rather than sustaining us. Coconut milk is replaced with heavy cream because the taste and texture is better. What if  we let advancement help us, by at least taking some vitamin supplements you could go on to live a healthy life and tickle your taste buds as much as you want.

Occam’s razor is a problem solving principle that states that, the simplest of solution is most likely the right one. According to that principle, the most likely solution to most of our health issues is probably screaming at us from the dining table.