The best a woman can get!


Back in the day, anything that happened to you was final. If you fall down from your cycle and scratch your knees, there will be marks that stay forever. Now, there is technology to make it look like it never happened, just a bad dream.

But what if we could stop it from happening in the first place? Well, technology has not advanced into time travelling but has however made major strides in turning the bad hand that life has dealt you. For example, if you feel that your soul doesn’t match your body, some attributes of yours that don’t suit you, now you can change it. With products like  Maruthua Pancha Jeeraka Gudam, you can finally get what you want. A combination of the most natural elements like ghee, jaggery, ginger and a few other ingredients, it’s a way to gain those extra few pounds and get the figure that your soul wants and already lives in. 

Menstruation, it changes your mood and stops you from doing what you love. Those daily tasks that you have a love-hate relationship with suddenly become tedious and annoying. Our ancestors used many things to reduce the pain and make life easy, but they only did half the job, but thanks to the modern advancement we now know what to do. Modern Ayurvedic solutions like the Maruthua Mydays is a combination of all the means and methods that our ancestors tried, combined into one. It helps recover hormonal balance and resists hormonal fluctuations and loosen uterine muscles to achieve a smooth and painless period.

Times have changed, things are not as black and white as they used to be, roles are difficult to define and life has gotten complicated. But through change many good things have happened, we no longer have to suffer believing that our life is this pain that we endure, we can fix the pain. Women no longer have to wish to be beautiful and healthy.