How does Yoga help in controlling diabetes

Yoga for controlling diabetics

Various types of exercise can be helpful in controlling a bunch of diseases, including diabetes mellitus. Yoga is a form of physical exercise that has its origins in ancient times in the Indian subcontinent. You might have heard about health experts recommending yoga for controlling diabetes naturally.

It is because there are various health benefits of doing yoga that have even been proven in scientific records. People have also been practicing yoga for hundreds of years due to the positive effects it has on the body. Surprisingly, yoga is performed not only by people in India but is also practiced abroad.

Why is Yoga a unique way of controlling lifestyle ailments?

Research suggests that yoga can help to improve the overall quality of life. It also provides positive strength to manage symptoms specific to diseases like diabetes. That is the reason why yoga for diabetes patients is a must when medications don’t pave the way out.

It is a unique way of controlling lifestyle ailments because it provides relief to the body as well as to the mind. Yoga works for both mental and physical wellness, creating a positive impact on the body. It helps the body to get stronger naturally, without the influence of any other medications.

Why are yoga exercises for diabetics considered beneficial and healthy?

Diabetes is caused by the body’s inability to produce enough insulin or to utilize it effectively. It can make a person feel weak and weary, as well as contribute to long-term consequences like nerve pain, cardiovascular disease, and other issues. Diet and exercise are critical for patients with type 2 diabetes to control blood sugar levels and avoid complications.

Starting a fitness routine might be intimidating, especially if you haven’t been active in a long time. Yoga, on the other hand, can be a gentle way to begin increasing strength and improving your health.

Which are the best positions in yoga for sugar patients?

There are a variety of yoga positions to choose from. But, each and every asana has its own benefits for the mind and the body. If you want to get an idea about the best poses of yoga for diabetes control, don’t worry, we got you covered for it as well. 

Here are the best yoga asanas for diabetes control:

1. Marjariasana

Come to your knees, place palms under shoulders and knees under hips, and then inhale, curve your spine to look up for Urdhva Mukhi Marjari Asana. Exhale, round your back, and drop your chin to your chest for Adho Mukhi Marjari Asana. Concentrate your attention on the area around your navel.

2. Paschimottanasana (Paschimottanasana)

Begin the asana by stretching your legs forward while keeping your knees slightly bent, also known as seated forward bend. Raise your arms and maintain a straight spine. Exhale and bend forward at the hips, your upper body resting on your lower. With your fingers, try to hold your big toes.

3. Svanasana Adomukhi

Begin this asana, also known as Downward Dog, on all fours with your palms beneath your shoulders and knees below your hips. Lift your hips, straighten your knees and elbows, and form an inverted ‘V’ with your body. Keep your hands shoulder width apart now. Maintain your gaze on your big toes.

4. Balasana

Child’s Pose is another name for it. Kneel on the mat and sit on your heels to complete this asana. Exhale and bend your upper body forward while raising your arms above your head. Placing your forehead on the floor and your pelvis on your heels is a good way to start. Check to see whether your back is hunched.

5. Manduka Asana

Frog Pose is another name for this asana. Sit in Vajrasana and extend your arms in front of you to begin this asana. Roll your fist by folding your thumbs into your palms and wrapping the remaining four fingers around it. Place your balled fists over your navel and bend your arms at the elbows. Place your upper body over your lower body by bending your upper body. Your neck should be stretched and your sight should be directed forward.

The takeaway

The finest yoga positions for treating diabetes and other lifestyle conditions are listed above. To attain positive effects, it is highly advised that everyone practise yoga positions at least once a day. Yoga is also one of the most efficient and simple strategies to live a healthy and happy life.