Top 10 Natural Supplements for Diabetes

Top 10 Natural Supplements for Diabetes

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is also known as Diabetes Mellitus, which is a disease that occurs chronically and creates problems in the regulation of blood glucose. It usually happens when the pancreas is no longer able to function normally and cannot make adequate amounts of insulin, a major element of glucose regulation. Natural supplements for diabetes are mostly recommended when sugar levels cannot be controlled by other kinds of treatments. 

There are three types of diabetes, Type 1, Type 2 and gestational diabetes. Their explanations are:- 

• Type 1 diabetes doesn’t have a certain age of occurrence, which means it can develop in people belonging to all ages, from children to elderly. Type 1 diabetes has a major problem of lacking insulin supply. People suffering from type 1 diabetes need to take insulin daily for survival, if they don’t do it, then complications occur with major problems.

• Type 2 diabetes is commonly prevalent in adults and has its share of more than 90% for all of the diabetes causes. People having type 2 diabetes face the problem of insulin not being used properly in the body. This type of diabetes doesn’t need the intake of insulin daily, but requires a lot of physical activity like exercise, yoga and a healthy diet to keep all the problems away. 

• Gestational Diabetes is a special kind of Diabetes that occurs during pregnancy. In this period, complications of high blood glucose levels occur both in children and the mother. This special kind of diabetes usually disappears after delivery of the child, but there might be future risks of it’s occurrence. 

Diabetes may have different kinds, but all of them affect the wellness of a person deeply. People suffering from Diabetes need to follow certain precautions to avoid any complications. Also, it should be noted that Diabetes doesn’t increase the levels of sugar in the body, but affects the regulation of proper blood sugar levels. 

What are the causes of diabetes?

The main cause of diabetes is the deficiency of insulin, and also the improper working of pancreas, which produces all the insulin that is supplied in the body. Whenever the proper balance and functioning of both of these components comes across, then Diabetes occurs. It is important to remember that blood glucose levels create problems, not insulin. 

Some experts believe that diabetes is caused by long term accumulation of irregularities in the body that causes problems in controlling blood sugar levels. Also, some studies have shown that certain genetic factors are also involved in the creation of optimum conditions for type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Apart from that, there aren’t any other known causes for diabetes. 

Which is the best supplement for blood sugar?

Natural supplements that contribute to the regulation of normal insulin levels in the body are considered the best supplement for blood sugar. Other kinds of treatments aren’t much recommended for diabetes occurring in the initial stages. Natural supplements for diabetes type 2 and type 1 are the best options to choose from. 

Supplements readily available in and around households are the most beneficial cures for blood sugar. Some natural herbs and condiments can do all the beneficial jobs that even highly expensive medications cannot. So, it is much appreciated for people suffering from diabetes mellitus to take up natural remedies. 

Which is the best natural supplement to control blood sugar?

Supplements that have no side effects, readily available, good for health, beneficial to lower blood glucose are considerably the best natural supplement to control blood sugar. Also, natural supplements are found to be effective in various ways to regulate the production of insulin in pancreas. 

These are the top 10 natural supplements for diabetes :-

1. Kitchen ingredients like Curry leaves, cinnamon, ginger, etc.

Curry leaves are one of the best natural remedies that provide highly antioxidant-rich nutrients to the body. This mixture of curry leaves, cinnamon, ginger, and other ingredients is considered to be highly effective in controlling high blood glucose levels. Studies have found out that this combination of natural supplements have lowered blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes sufferers. 

When cinnamon and ginger are mixed together, they increase the amount of glucose absorption by cells. Whenever these ingredients are taken as shake or mixture along with daily diet, then a significant amount of regulation in blood sugar levels appears. 

2. Jamun Seed Powder

Blackberries or Jamun seeds are considered among the best and highly effective home remedies to fight high blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes sufferers. These seeds are a prominent source of jambosine and jamboline. Both of these ingredients are highly effective in slowing down the release of excessive amounts of glucose into the blood. 

Studies have also shown that jamun can decrease the urge for excessive urination and thirst. So, it is recommended for people suffering from type 2 Diabetes to take this natural supplement as much as possible. 

3. Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek Seeds have been used since Ancient times for food and other cooking purposes, but it has certain anti-diabetic properties that make it one of the best natural remedies against type 2 diabetes. These seeds are a rich source of glucomannan fiber, which is highly beneficial in delaying various effects of sugar absorption. Alkaloids like amino acid 4 hydroxy isoliceline and fednugrecin are present in this seed that controls high blood sugar levels. 

Diabetes type 2 sufferers can take up this effective natural supplement for controlling excessive blood sugar levels. 

4. Amla Juice

Amla is a well known natural supplement which is believed to have many therapeutic properties, that helps in curing many lifestyle ailments. Amla is a powerful natural antioxidant rich berry, which is the best supplement for blood sugar available in nature. It is a perfect choice if you’re wanting a natural supplement to lower blood sugar levels as well as increase immunity. 

It is much appreciated to make natural amla juice at home rather than buying packed amla juices from general stores. Also, amla is one of the best dietary supplements for diabetes mellitus. 

5. Lady’s finger

Lady’s finger is known to be a great source of vitamins, fiber, and minerals, which poses a great impact on the body to fight various ailments like blood sugar and diabetes. Okra is enriched in Myricetin, which helps to lower blood sugar levels and slows down the absorption of sugar from the intestines. Thus, reducing excessive blood glucose content in the bloodstream. 

Lady’s finger is recommended for people suffering from type 2 Diabetes to take as a part of their daily diet. It is a very good source of natural supplement for blood sugar levels.

6. American Ginseng

Ginseng is a popular root variety found in various parts of the world. This variety of American Ginseng is found out to be highly effective in providing strong anti-diabetic properties to the bloodstream. Taking American Ginseng regularly can help reduce blood sugar levels in excess, which helps when it’s taken in quantities of 3 grams per day. 

It is a strong anti-diabetic natural remedy, which is available at a bit higher cost than other remedies. But, the high cost copes up with a strong anti-diabetic response.

7. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a popular natural supplement, which can be used to cure a variety of ailments related to health and wellness. Similarly, Aloe Vera is highly effective in lowering high blood sugar levels Diabetes type 2 sufferers. Everyone can take this natural product as juice or even in its raw form to combat various ailments like diabetes mellitus. 

Studies have shown that Aloevera significantly regulates the improper and low production of insulin in the pancreas. It stimulates a good amount of healthy nutrients that contribute to the development of healthy blood glucose contents. It is recommended for everyone suffering from diabetes.

8. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a powerful natural ingredient, which is readily available in households. Cinnamon is found in raw as well as powdered form. Some studies have suggested that consuming cinnamon in adequate amounts can help reduce the high blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. It works by making cells of the body perform better in responding to insulin production. 

A minimum dose of 250mg of cinnamon twice a day is recommended for diabetes type 2 sufferers. Also, you can take natural supplements containing cinnamon.

9. Milk thistle

Milk thistle has been used for a long time by people to cure various ailments related to health and wellness. Milk thistle has an extract called Silymarine, which is a compound with anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant-rich nutrients. Studies have shown that adequate intake of this compound in milk thistle can significantly reduce high blood glucose levels in diabetes type 2 sufferers. 

It is recommended for everyone suffering from type 2 Diabetes.

10. Brown Seaweed Supplements

Supplements that contain brown seaweed reduces blood glucose levels, promotes healthy metabolism and it’s considered the best natural remedy for type 2 diabetes. Also, brown seaweed is enriched with natural bio active components that contribute to the regulation of insulin production. It is the most recommended natural supplement for diabetic patients.

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