Diabetes Diet Plan: what are the best and worst foods for diabetes

diabetes diet plan

A good diet plan will help you decide when, what, and how much to eat by ensuring your blood sugar levels are within the desired range. If you have diabetes, your blood glucose levels are too high. Our cells need glucose to function, and insulin helps glucose enter our cells. But our body does not make insulin with diabetes. Moreover, insufficient insulin can cause high blood sugar levels and glucose buildup.

Certain foods can lower blood sugar levels and help control diabetes. In addition, consuming them will help to prevent complications of diabetes, such as heart, kidney, and nerve disease. 

What is the need for a Diabetes Diet?

We know that eating healthier is essential to control diabetes and decrease the chance of developing complications due to diabetes. However, consuming many calories and fats will increase your blood glucose level and may lead to hyperglycemia. If it persists, it can cause long-term problems, including kidney, nerve, and heart problems.

You can maintain your blood glucose levels within a healthy range by making a good food choice. It will help you to ;

  • Decrease blood glucose level
  • Be Healthy and Fit
  • Avoid complication of various disease including Cancer
  • Maintain the fat level
  • Lower blood pressure

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Diabetes-friendly plate method

An excellent diabetic meal plan is essential for controlling high blood sugar levels. We have created a healthy, diabetes-friendly plate method to help you plan your meals to control diabetes.

Breakfast: Breakfast is often considered an important meal of each day. For people with diabetes, this is unavoidable. Your blood sugar levels will stay steady throughout the day by eating breakfast. But it must be healthy to start your day right. You can have Oatdosa, wheat dosa, vegetable upma, omelets, etc.

Lunch: Fill half of your plate with vegetables like carrots, cucumber, tomato, greens, etc., and with fruits like apple, orange, banana, berries, etc. Fill one-fourth of your plate with carbohydrates such as brown rice, wheat bread, and another portion with proteins like salmon, egg, chicken breast, etc. You can also add some little fat like cashew, walnuts, olive oil, or sesame oil.

Snacks: When you have diabetes, it can be hard to find healthy snacks. We can’t compromise with foods that shoot your blood sugar level. So as a snack, you can have nuts like cashew, walnuts, almonds, or fruits like apple, banana, berries, orange, etc. You can make a salad with fresh vegetables and can have boiled eggs.

Dinner:  Living with diabetes means dinnertime can be different. Control over the intake of carbohydrates is vital to manage weight and lower your blood sugar level. So you must follow a healthy nutritional diet. .  For example, you can have wheat bread and a vegetable salad.

Along with our diabetes-friendly plate method diet, you should follow regular exercise. Exercise can help you control your weight, lower blood glucose, and increase your body’s insulin sensitivity. You can use Algamin Diabet- ease supplement to balance your blood glucose level with your diet. It is a 100% natural product extracted by eco-friendly green technology. It is rich in fiber content to help lower your blood sugar level. It has no side effects as compared to synthetic drugs.