What is Squalene and Its benefits on your skin?

Squalene and its benefits on skin

As time passes by, we are all trying to look younger. We do all kinds of things to prolong our ageing and look as youthful as possible. But if we take good care of our health, good care of our skin, we can age gracefully. 

Our skin contains a variety of pigments that make it look the way it does. We have never heard of most of these components. Have you ever heard of Squalene? It is a natural oil that is present in all beings since birth. The percentage of squalene in our body decreases as we grow older. Babies have the highest squalene content in the body. 

Nowadays, you might see squalene in all your favourite natural skincare supplements. Squalene has a multitude of benefits and there is more light shone on squalene. 

If you want to know more about how we use squalene in skincare, squalene skin benefits, what squalene is used for and more, then continue reading.

Seven Benefits of Squalene:

Squalene Keeps the Skin Hydrated

Squalene is one the most powerful natural hydrating agents in Nature. The composition of the squalene in skincare and the squalene naturally produced in the body are almost identical so what happens is that squalene gives the right amount of moisture it needs.

Squalene Keeps the Skin Young

Squalene keeps the skin hydrated and moisturized giving you a very youthful appearance. Squalene fights the wrinkles and fine lines that age brings on everyone. When you have enough squalene in the body, you don’t have to worry about looking fresh!

Squalene improves your skin texture

Squalene is not just a hydrating agent. Squalene is also a potent antioxidant which will help improve the softness of your skin overtime. It will prevent the presence of blackheads and keep your skin from breaking too. In short, squalene will make your skin baby like.

Squalene is skin soothing

Squalene keeps your skin from getting rashes easily and also alleviates any sort of irritation. When you apply squalene on the skin, it gives a calming effect. 

Squalene is Comedogenic

This is the best benefit of squalene, it fits all skin types. Squalene provides all of these benefits to not just any one skin type, it is universal for all skin types across the world. 

Squalene removes dark spots

The dark spots that have accumulated on your skin overtime will fade out with the help of squalene. Due to the antioxidant properties of Squalene, it makes the appearance of our skin better. 

Squalene controls the Oil

Due to its similarity to the oil that the body produces, our skin will consider squalene as its own and stop producing more natural oils. This helps prevent Oily skin.

What is Squalene?  Understand Squalene v/s Squalane:

Squalene is a natural oil that is present in all of us from the time of birth. It contributes to 10-12% of the body’s oil content. Squalene is a natural hydrating agent that keeps the skin hydrant and due its excellent antioxidant properties, squalene helps in keeping the skin smooth and supple. As we age, the percentage of squalene in the body decreases. 

This is where squalane comes from. We can find squalane in a lot of the skin supplements that we use. Squalane is extracted from the liver of sharks, olives, rice and sugarcane. After going through hydrogenation, shelf life increases and it is ready for all of us to buy. 

O2live is the best supplement which contains a good amount of naturally occurring squalene. It imposes a good advantage against the skin and rejuvenates the bad skin cells, so that new cells can take place and improve the texture of the skin.

Frequently Asked questions about Squalene:

Is Squalane Safe?

It is widely considered as the best hydrating agent we can find in nature. It keeps the skin moisturized and gives it a healthy feel. 

What is Squalene used for?

Squalene is natural oil present in the body that will help you maintain the youthfulness of your skin and give it a glow. Squalene also fades out the wounds and black spots on the skin and prolongs ageing. 

Squalene v/s Squalane?

When we source squalane from nature such as shark extracts, rice and olives, after a process of hydrogenation it is called squalane. Squalene is a natural oil that makes up 10-12% of everybody’s skin composition.