Top 10 natural supplements for Stress Relief

Top 10 natural supplements for Stress Relief

What is stress?

Stress is a condition where the body experiences reactions due to changes that occur unexpectedly. It results in various after effects on the body, emotions and the intellectual thoughts. Managing stress is necessary as it’s becoming a common and more evident problem in the people of today’s generation. Stress relief supplements, stress relief exercises, stress relief remedies are some of the most popular terms related to stress management problems. 

The human body is primarily designed to handle a good amount of stress, when exposed to abnormal conditions of daily life as well as other activities. When a person experiences stress, the body makes several changes in it’s working mechanism to cope up with the extra workload. The body produces mental and physical responses through the help of biological receptors.

What happens to our body during stress?

The human body already has all the functions and organs capable of fighting stress and it’s related issues. There is a strong and healthy stress management system present in the human body, which activates several special functions in the body to combat issues that pertain to overload of stress. But, this system is not powerful enough to handle long term stress put on the body. 

Chronic stress makes natural stress relief functions work inefficiently and causes many problems in the body. The problems that occur during chronic stress:- 

• Pains and aches in various areas of the body.

• Sensation of heart beating faster than usual.

• Trouble sleeping and exhaustion.

• Shaking, dizziness and headaches. 

• High blood pressure occurring suddenly.

• Jaw clenching and increased muscle tension. 

• Digestive problems and stomach ache.

• Weakening of the immune system. 

What are the symptoms of stress?

Stress is subjective to various kinds of problems, whether it be too much workload or domestic tension, stress can occur for many reasons. It is not something that can be diagnosed with the help of some tests, instead it appears in some symptoms as mentioned above. Questionnaires are prepared to identify the presence of stress in the health environment of a person.

Which are the best supplements for stress relief?

Stress is not something that can be cured using artificial treatments of any kind. It is only cured with the help of natural supplements that contain zero artificial ingredients, which are produced with utmost care. 

The top 10 best supplements for stress relief:-

1. Ashwagandha

Ashwagandha is a strong and powerful natural plant, which has been in use for centuries and also mentioned in many ayurvedic scriptures. This plant is well known for reducing tension and stress from the mind. It is a beneficial natural ingredient, which is one of the best adaptogens available naturally. 

It is much recommended for people suffering from issues related to stress to take this beneficial natural supplement as powdered extract in drinks like smoothies and shakes. Around 250 mg of Ashwagandha is strongly recommended.

2. L-theanine

It is a natural supplement containing a good amount of amino acids, which is generally found in green tea. Green tea is consumed by people who suffer from stress and tension, which gives a sensation of smoothness to the head and relieves pain causing factors. It is a strong and powerful ingredient to fight against stress. 

It is recommended for people suffering from stress to take green tea at least once a day to experience the positive effects. Also, green tea is one of the best natural anxiety supplements.

3. Magnesium

Magnesium is a prominent mineral in the body, which is used for various purposes by many organs. It is used by organs to regulate numerous processes, ranging from blood circulation to nerves and synthesizing of bone and protein. Magnesium is naturally available in green veggies, seeds, nuts, whole grains, legumes. 

It is recommended for people with stress to consume food items rich in magnesium content, which will reduce the risk of getting too much stress. 

4. Rhodiola

Rhodiola is also known as arctic root or golden root, which grows in frigid mountain ranges in parts of Asia and Europe. It is largely used as a good natural stress relief remedy by well known medical researchers. Studies have shown that the use of this special flower may be effective in treating various symptoms of stress and also prevent chronic stress and it’s complications. 

Rhidola is recommended to be taken by stress patients as a liquid extract, powder or natural capsule.

5. Lemon Balm

It is a popular lemon scented herb, which is mainly found in Europe and was discovered during the middle ages. But, now it’s cultivated around the world for it’s excellent medicinal properties, among which stress relief is a popular one. It is used for it’s anti-anxiety effects and is considered to be one of the best natural anxiety supplements. 

Lemon balm tea is recommended for people suffering from long term stress and anxiety. It is also available in powdered and capsule form.

6. Turmeric

Turmeric is a very good natural supplement which is used by most people for cooking purposes. But, it has been found that turmeric has certain stress relief properties, when taken alongside other powerful ingredients like peppermint and sweet oranges. It can be used as a powerful additive in probiotic shakes, which makes it a strong fighter against stress and anxiety.

7. Garlic

Garlic is another natural root, which is commonly used as a spice in households. But few people know that it has certain antibiotic properties, which makes stress causing elements disappear from the body at ease. It helps to fight problems related to stress and anxiety.

8. Fish Oil

Fish Oil containing Omega-3 is a powerful anti stress supplement, which is usually available in its raw form. It helps to reduce symptoms related to stress and anxiety upto 20%, which is a lot when considered amongst other less effective natural supplements. Fish oil is found in liquid form and also in powdered form. 

It is a good natural stress relief supplement for people suffering from long term ailments of stress and anxiety.

9. Melatonin

Melatonin is one of the best anti stress vitamins, as it contains elements that regulate the body’s circadian rhythm. It greatly improves the sleep-wake cycle that makes it possible for people suffering from stress and anxiety to sleep peacefully. Melatonin is an anti stress vitamin with no side effects. 

It is found in powdered and capsule form.

10. Brown Seaweed

Brown Seaweed is the best natural supplement for stress relief, as it contains certain bioactive ingredients that reduces the symptoms of stress and activates natural stress fighting mechanisms of the body. Supplements containing brown Seaweed are the best recommended cures for stress and anxiety. 

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