15 Ways to control high blood pressure

15 Ways to control high blood pressure

We all must have heard of blood pressure, which is a term used to define the extent of pressure in which the heart pumps blood to the whole body. Most of us have a normal blood pressure, which is necessary to keep all the organs and organ systems to function properly. But, some people suffer from abnormal blood pressure and hence move onto using natural treatment for blood pressure. 

These treatments are used to control irregularities in blood pressure which can cause certain problems in the body. In the long run, high as well as low blood pressure can pose serious threats to the body. But, this can be prevented if the symptoms of irregular blood pressure are diagnosed as early as possible. 

So, this article deals with some of the best natural ways to lower blood pressure and also some natural remedies for hypertension and related ailments. Without any further delay, let’s move onto the natural remedies for blood pressure and problems related to hypertension. 

Which level of blood pressure is considered ideal for us?

Blood pressure is measured in mmHg (millimeters of mercury), which is a universal unit for measuring blood pressure. 

In a healthy human being, ideal blood pressure is measured in the range of  90/60mmHg to 120/80mmHg. If a person has his/her blood pressure in this range, then there is no need to worry about the occurrence of any problem related to blood pressure. 

Low blood pressure is also a condition which can be prevalent when a person has a blood pressure of less than 90/60mmHg. This condition can also lead to various problems. Natural cures for low blood pressure will be discussed later on in another article. 

High blood pressure conditions develop when the blood pressure reaches beyond 140/90mmHg, which leads to several health issues. And sometimes it may be fatal if the measure goes too high. 

To avoid any unfortunate circumstance, it is important to take care of blood pressure. Even if someone is looking normal and healthy, it may not be the fact that the person is having a normal blood pressure. Also, using natural remedies to keep control on irregularities in blood pressure is necessary for each and everyone of us.

Which are the problems that occur due to abnormal blood pressure?

Some of the problems as well as serious conditions that may develop due to high blood pressure are:- 

• Heart attack or stroke.

• Heart failure.

• Aneurysm.

• Weakening of blood vessels.

• Damage to blood vessels in the eyes and other sensitive organs.

• Dementia.

• Metabolic syndrome.

What is the best way to combat these problems related to blood pressure?

The best way to combat these problems without harming the normal health of the body is to take help from a natural cure for blood pressure. Taking care of health and being conscious of risks is very important these days, so there should be no compromise for healthcare. Also, maintaining a normal blood pressure is important for all of us. 

To obtain a normal blood pressure level and sustain it for the rest of life, it is necessary to keep a check on what is being done by the body. Also, it is important to remember that regularly checking blood pressure levels will help to know about high or low blood pressure conditions.

What are the natural ways to lower blood pressure?

15 natural remedies for lowering blood pressure are:-

1. Exercising and walking regularly.

This is a very good practice and helps to lower blood pressure levels naturally without any activity. Having enough exercise and walking during the day will help to reduce stress on several areas of the blood vessels and heart. It significantly improves the health of the circulatory system. 

It is recommended to walk at least 30 minutes and perform 75-150 minutes of mixed exercise. 

2. Reduction of sodium intake

Sodium is an ingredient which is not friendly for people with high blood pressure. Intake of high amounts of sodium leads to heart risks, so it should be prevented as much as possible. It is recommended to consume salt as less as possible.

3. Minimizing alcohol intake

Studies have shown that drinking alcohol increases the risk of getting high blood pressure and also damages other vital organs of the body. It is surprising that 16% of the high blood pressure cases in the world are linked with high intake of alcohol. 

Experts recommend drinking alcohol based on the guidelines provided by registered medical authorities. 

4. Eating potassium rich foods

Potassium is a beneficial natural mineral which helps the body to get rid of harmful sodium. Modern times have reduced the amount of potassium in people’s diets and have replaced it with sodium, which is not considered good for health. To cut down on sodium intake, potassium rich foods like leafy green vegetables, potatoes, tomatoes, etc., will help significantly. 

Also, consuming fruits like bananas, oranges, avocados, apricots, melons, etc is considered a good and healthy practice.

5. Reduce caffeine consumption

Caffeine is present in everyday beverages like coffee, energy drinks, sodas, soft drinks, etc. It is not considered harmful but is found out to be a major element that increases the likelihood of high blood pressure problems. It can increase the blood pressure in a short period of time but is not too dangerous for causing long term effects.

6. Take less stress

Stress is another major lifestyle ailment that leads to abnormalities in blood pressure levels. Taking too much stress can cause an increase or decrease in blood pressure levels, which can affect the entire body at various levels. Stress management is very important to combat problems that contribute to the development of blood pressure problems.

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7. Consume cocoa and dark chocolate

Cocoa and dark chocolate are one of the most widely consumed natural flavouring agents in the world. Taking small amounts of cocoa or dark chocolate will significantly help to lower chances of heart disease in blood pressure complications. To obtain the best results possible, it is recommended to use unsweetened natural cocoa powder. 

It is high in natural flavonoids and has zero added sugars. Cocoa and dark chocolate are some of the best natural remedies for hypertension.

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8. Avoid smoking

Smoking is already known as one of the worst habits in the world, which is accompanied with uncountable lethal diseases and problems. In addition to it, smoking also increases the risk of getting high blood pressure. It is recommended to avoid any kind of smoking activity as much as possible. 

9. Weight loss

Studies have proven that losing weight can lower blood pressure significantly when done with physical activities such as exercise. By reducing weight, you can make the heart take less stress to pump the blood to the whole body. So, it is recommended to cut down on unnecessary food intake and other factors that lead to increased weight.

10. Reduce sugar consumption

Sugar is not a very healthy ingredient in daily diet. Excessive levels of sucrose lead to many health problems, some of them even pave the way to other serious health conditions. To avoid those circumstances, it is recommended for people suffering from high blood pressure levels to reduce sugar intake as much as possible.

11. Take morning berries

Morning berries are packed with lots of natural goodness, which help to reduce the levels of unwanted substances in the body. Berries contain polyphenols, which are very beneficial natural compounds for the heart. It helps to lower high blood pressure levels.

12. Take calcium rich food items

Eating foods that contain calcium is one of the best natural cure for blood pressure problems. Food items like milk, tofu, dark green vegetables, and leafy vegetables contain a good amount of calcium. You can consume these items to obtain calcium naturally.

13. Do meditate and perform yoga

Meditation and yoga are easy ways to get control of the inner body. These practices ensure peace of body and mind, which lead to the development of a healthy lifestyle. It is much appreciated to meditate and perform yoga for people suffering from blood pressure problems.

14. Consume magnesium rich food items

Food stuff magnesium helps the blood vessels to relax and ensure the proper flow of blood to the circulatory system. Vegetables, dairy products, meat, chicken, and whole grains are some of the prominent sources of natural magnesium content. Magnesium is effective in regulating blood pressure and other problems related to the heart. 

15. Natural Supplements

Natural supplements that contain seaweed extract are considered one of the best remedies to lower blood pressure. Lifekart’s Algamin Tension-ease is a very healthy supplement which contains high fiber content. It is extracted by an eco-friendly technology which makes it the best natural supplement for blood pressure available in India online. 

It is highly recommended to take these tension relief tablets for people suffering from hypertension and related problems. It is a healthy natural treatment for blood pressure.