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Slow Hair Skin Nails Capsules

A scientifically-developed supplement to carefully repair and renew. These capsules combine the most powerful nutriscience with fast absorbing evening primrose oil and slow release beadlets with collagen, glutathione and biotin.

✔️ Radiant & Glowing Skin
✔️ Prevents Fine Lines & Wrinkles
✔️ Promotes Hair Growth
✔️ Increase Hair Volume
✔️ Prevents Brittle Nails
✔️ Supports Nail growth


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About this item

  • 2 IN 1 DELAYED RELEASE TECHNOLOGY: Scientifically formulated by doctors & nutritionists in the US, Hair, Skin and Nails combines the most powerful nutriscience with a slow release Vegan DHA capsule inner capsule within Evening Primrose Oil, allowing your body to rejuvenate, nourish and heal. Our delayed release nanotechnology is designed to release slowly over 8 hours, in the less sensitive areas of your gut to ensure maximum bioavailability of the nutrients.
  • ALL-IN-ONE BEAUTY (HAIR,SKIN & NAILS) SOLUTION : Hair, Skin & Nails, our No.1 formula for thinning hair, brittle nails, & dull skin using highly potent, bioavailable & effective ingredients. It nourishes hair, skin & nails, resolving common issues such as pigmentation, fine lines, oxidative stress, breakouts, dry texture, hair loss and provides UV protection. Our nourishing complex is convenient to take on-the-go and made from superior sources, ensuring your beauty radiates from within.
  • SUPPORTS LUSTROUS HAIR, HEALTHY NAILS & VIBRANT SKIN: As per clinical studies, Evening Primrose Oil helps reduce dryness, retain firmness & elasticity, also hydrating hair & nails. Vitamin E ensures nourishment & protection at a cellular level. Vegan DHA protects against UV rays, balances gut microbiome ensuring healthy skin, less breakouts & minimises the signs of ageing. L-Phenylalanine helps prevent pigmentation by increasing melanin levels. Curcumin helps calm inflammation.
  • ANTIOXIDANT SUPPORT TO REPAIR & RENEW HAIR, SKIN & NAILS MATRIX: As per a 2014 study, Hyaluronic Acid led to a 40% decrease in the appearance of wrinkles & 55% increase in skin firmness & elasticity. Glutathione limits free radical production & revitalises dull-looking skin. Collagen is a vital contributor to glowing skin, healthier hair, stronger nails, improved gut health & joint pain. Biotin stimulates keratin production thereby reducing hair fall, improving hair growth & volume.
  • A NATURAL MINT FLAVORED AROMATIC EXPERIENCE :Our unique nano encapsulated formula is enhanced with Mint for a more calmer and pleasant dose to avoid any bad burps or aftertaste while taking these capsules. Our wholesome multivitamin vegan blend is easily traceable,and is free from unnecessary fillers, artificial colorants or synthetic fillers, preservatives, soy, gluten and major allergy free.
  • PURE INGREDIENTS, ENHANCED WITH MINT: Each capsule is enhanced with Mint for a calmer and more pleasant dose to avoid any bad burps or aftertaste.. ★Sugarfree ★Easily Traceable ★Maximum bioavailabilty ★No Parabens ★ Non-GMO or Gluten ★No Allergens ★Soy Free ★Free from Synthetic fillers, Artificial Colours & Preservatives
  • LOVED GLOBALLY: Over 5 million happy customers in 6 Countries trust Wellbeing Nutrition for Science driven Plant based Nutrition developed by scientists & doctors.


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