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Migraine Relief Kit

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  • Effective natural remedy to fight and cure migraine
  • Treat the root cause of migraine trigger and prevent the re-occurrence of migraine
  • Ingredients: Peppermint, ginger ,cumin, black cumin, moon leaf
  • Usage – Consume one tablet 20 minutes before each meal (3 tablets a day)
    • Pro-biotic sachet to be diluted in water and consumed on empty stomach in the morning


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Latest reviews

  1. Saquib

    Do u have anything for my 9 years daughter suffering from abdominal migraine.

    • Steve Mathews

      Hi this Migraine relief kit is exactly for those type of migraines. Need to complete the 30 day course for full removal of the gut bacteria

  2. Sharda

    Is it recommend for pregnant women?

    • Steve Mathews

      Yes it’s completely safe for pregnant women

  3. B MOCHAHARY (verified owner)

    I am very happy to use this product,!
    I was suffering from vascular migraine headache sence 12-15 I am very fellings better than before.It is 100% cured medicine.if you suffering from migraine headache.pls use and get better health! Thank you

    • Steve Mathews

      Thank you for your valuable feedback. Would love if you could recommend to other users suffering from migraine in your circle so that this could help them out as well

  4. Poonam chauhan (verified owner)

    Maine 20 days na course kiya .but I m having again migraine attack again… Soab mujhe kya karna hai…

    • Steve Mathews

      Hi Poonam, We would like to help you with this issue. Some people have to take for 3 months sometimes to completely cure the migraine as the H-pylori bacteria has to be completely killed off. Also if the migraine is with aura then this product will not help you. Your body will understand when it’s starting to take effect. continue taking the course and we’re hoping you’ll see good effect

  5. Nikita

    The 1st 4-5 days didnt feel any difference. But later slowly my stomach felt light and better.

  6. Yohan

    Product package was not good. I received the product in bad state. But the product was very effective for stomach relief.

  7. Roshan

    Good product.Good packing.

  8. Sonia

    I was suffering from migraine for the past 16 years of my life and never heard of a cure for migraine since 1 years back from a doctor. So I thought of trying it as per doctors guidance. I tried this product for 3 months and never had to suffer from migraine again. Thanks to the lifekart..:)

  9. Alok Gupta

    My 3 Female staff working in my store having the problem of migraine and headache since 6-7 year’s …
    I saw your Advertisement in Facebook, Thought we should Atleast Try This product, firstly gave order for 2 person’s for 10 days course to check whether it is effective or not..
    We are happy to share that this product is effective in a miraculous way…
    Now ordered for one more staff… 😊😊

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The best ayurvedic medicine for migraine is probably natural and herbal ayurvedic treatments that come in the form of various medicinal applications. To continue the tradition of ayurvedic ingredients and treatments, the Migraine Relief Kit is the best way to get rid of migraine related problems.

It is the best and the most beneficial ayurvedic medicine for migraine

Migraine is usually a strong headache that can cause severe pain and a pulsing sensation on various areas of the head. It’s likely to be accompanied by vomiting, nausea, and a condition of extreme sensitivity to sound and light. Therefore, many natural medications can take a good amount of time to work.

Natural medications for migraine can take anywhere between 30 minutes to 60 minutes to provide a lasting relief. As migraine headaches can occur on various scales of affect, the recovery process is quite time consuming. Therefore, choosing natural medications wisely is an important requirement.

No, there is no possibility of having any side effects while taking this herbal migraine relief tablet. As healthy herbal supplements are the most recommended cures for migraine headaches, this natural migraine headache relief tablet poses no threat to the wellness of your body. Instead, it rejuvenates and boosts the overall immunity of the body in addition to migraine relief. You can consume this herbal migraine relief tablet with no hesitation of having side effects.

Yes, anti migraine tablets are safe for children. Migraine is a condition that can develop even in children of young ages and can have a detrimental impact on their health and wellness. So, anti migraine tablets are recommended for use in children in appropriate quantities. With proper medical guidance, anti migraine tablets are beneficial cures in migraine relief.

This migraine relief tablet is suitable and recommended for children of all ages, when taken in the correct dosage. The tablet from the Migraine Relief Kit has the best ayurvedic tablet for migraine. It is the best ayurvedic treatment for migraine headache.

This headache relief kit comes in the shape of a tablet and a probiotic shake. Both of the supplements provided in this kit are herbal and have zero side effects on the body. Also, your tummy stays healthy if you consume the probiotic shake everyday. Your intestine will be in a very good shape as it is basically a fluid that is composed of all-natural ingredients.

This migraine relief kit is very healthy and the best ayurvedic medicine for headache and migrine. Moreover, every element of the tablet and the probiotic shake are handpicked by the essence of herbal ayurvedic scriptures.

Everything when taken in the right quantity, can impact our body in the most healthy way. This migraine relief kit consists of two kinds of supplements, a tablet and a probiotic shake. The recommended serving for this entire kit is:-

• Consume one tablet before 20 minutes of each meal of the day (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
• Consume 1 sachet of the probiotic shake every morning after you wake up.

No, you don’t need to consult a doctor before consuming O2live. As it is a herbal supplement for migraine relief, there is no major requirement for a doctor’s consultation. As these supplements are made with handpicked ayurvedic ingredients, there are no side effects of any kind. And hence, there is no need to consult with anyone before taking this herbal medication.

It is the best ayurvedic medicine for migraine, which is affordable and eco-friendly. It poses no threat to the immune system and is much beneficial for health.






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