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Slow Gut Health Capsules

A scientifically-developed supplement to gently enhance digestion. These capsules combine the most powerful nutriscience with fast absorbing vegan omega oil and slow release plant based beadlets with prebiotics and probiotics.

✔️ Enhances Nutrient Absorption
✔️ Boosts Immunity
✔️ Promotes Growth Of Good Bacteria
✔️ Prevents GUT Inflammation
✔️ Improves Metabolism
✔️ Relieves IBS & Constipation


About this item

  • 2 IN 1 DELAYED RELEASE TECHNOLOGY: Scientifically formulated by doctors & nutritionists in the US. Gut Health combines the most powerful nutriscience with FAST ABSORBING Vegan Omega- 3 from Algal Oil & SLOW RELEASE prebiotic + probiotic capsule within to provide the body digestive support to improve GI issues & gut health. Our delayed release technology is designed to release slowly over 8 hours in the less sensitive areas of your gut to ensure maximum bioavailability.
  • NO.1 SYNBIOTIC SUPPLEMENT WITH 100% VEG OMEGA 3 & DHA : India’s first PROMEGA (probiotic+omega) supplement with a potent dose of prebiotic fibre & 20 billion CFU from 4 unique probiotics strains encapsulated in Vegan Omega-3 from Algal oil. True Synbiotic nature (Pre+Probiotic=Synbiotic) supports digestive health, increases nutrient absorption, immunity, discourages gut infections, & relieves GI issues. This combination enables the gastric system to stay healthy.
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN PROBIOTIC (20 Billion CFU) STRAINS FOR A HEALTHIER GUT: Our Probiotics comes with 4 unique strains of Lactobacillus bacteria,100% plant based & Clinically Proven to be one of the most comprehensive gut health formulas that no other probiotics offer. We have used extensively researched & specially selected probiotic strains in a vegetative state to survive the stomach acid, bile & oxidation and activate in your gut.
  • POTENT PREBIOTICS FOR EASY DIGESTION & ABSORPTION: Prebiotics nourish the good bacteria/probiotics in our gut, enabling them to grow & thrive. Lack of prebiotics in daily diet may cause gut imbalance. Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) as Prebiotic soluble fibre, improves mineral absorption, regulates blood sugar levels, reduces cholesterol levels & helps relieve constipation. A synbiotic combination of prebiotic & probiotics increases the diversity of good gut bacteria and promotes gut health.
  • DOCTOR FORMULATED VEGAN OMEGA 3 & DHA FOR INFLAMMATION : Probiotics & Vegan Omega-3 may increase gut microbiota diversity & help reduce inflammation. Our Veg Omega-3 is 100% plant-based from marine vegetarian algae, with the highest concentration of DHA. As a fast absorbing oil it helps maintain gut integrity, curb inflammatory responses in the GI tract, and helps relieve pain and supports heart health, cognition & brain health.
  • “PURE INGREDIENTS, ENHANCED WITH MINT: Each capsule is enhanced with Mint for a calmer and more pleasant dose to avoid any bad burps or aftertaste.. ★Sugarfree ★100% Plant based ★Easily Traceable ★Maximum bioavailabilty ★Vegan friendly ★No Parabens ★ Non-GMO or Gluten ★No Allergens ★Soy Free ★Free from Synthetic fillers, Artificial Colours & Preservatives “
  • LOVED GLOBALLY: Over 5 million happy customers in 6 Countries trust Wellbeing Nutrition for Science driven Plant based Nutrition developed by scientists & doctors.


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