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Migraine Relief Kit

1200 999
(101 Reviews)
  • Effective natural remedy to fight and cure migraine
  • Treat the root cause of migraine trigger and prevent the re-occurrence of migraine
  • Ingredients: Peppermint, ginger ,cumin, black cumin, moon leaf
  • Usage - Consume one tablet 20 minutes before each meal (3 tablets a day)
    • Pro-biotic sachet to be diluted in water and consumed on empty stomach in the morning
1200 999

Acidity Relief

(102 Reviews)
A unique blend of ancient herb extracts that eliminate gastric conditions ✔️ Fights Acidity and other gastric issues ✔️ Helps maintain a healthy gut ✔️ Eliminates H. pylori bacteria and shields from future occurrence

Stress Relief

(105 Reviews)
Stress Relief contains Ashwagandha and St John’s Wort extract which are traditionally known for controlling stress levels and boosting complete wellness of one’s mind and body.

Joint Pain Relief

(101 Reviews)
Joint Relief is a unique combination of Piperine and Boswellia that reduces pain caused by inflammation by inhibiting Cytokines to Brain.





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