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Wonderspa Hand Wash – 500ml (Pack of 4)

7 Reviews

A powerful cleaning liquid that is soft on your hands, to hydrate and soften your hands

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This thick, luxurious formula cuts through germs, for clean hands that smell great. A powerful cleaning liquid that is soft on your hands, to hydrate and soften your hands; while cleaning them with a deep cleansing lather. Cleans, protects and pampers your skin with every wash. A fine liquid wash that makes your basin cleansing an experience to reckon with a zesty fragrance that lingers on your palms, to strip every ounce of virus infected microbes from your hands. Available in four different flavours – Aqua,Freshca,Lime and Fruity.

Weight 2000 kg

Latest reviews

  1. Leo joy

    Best foaming hand wash at this price. The best thing about foaming hand wash is that you don’t need to scrub your hand many times as in the case liquid hand wash that’s why I like it a lot. It has very good fragrance

  2. Teena mary

    Great product.. Lovely scent.. Soft on the skin and great value for money..

  3. Esther George

    Fruity flavour is too good. Available in 250ml too. Delivery should be made faster.

  4. Ananth

    Product is really good, worth the purchase, great offer too.

  5. joseph Manikan

    Longer life, good cleansing and quicker response. At times stoppage of pump experienced.

  6. varun Chandran

    As expected. All the bottles received well, in good shape. Quality is expectionally good.

  7. Rajath Ravi

    Packed properly and delivered safely.
    Good one to buy. Go for it

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