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Mint-X MintFlex Rodent Repellent Trash Bags ( Size: Medium 19 In X 21 In, 30 Count ) Black Color

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The Mint-X rodent repellent trash bag is an EPA registered and patented trash bag that will repel rats, cockroaches, raccoons and other rodents. Mint-X trash bags do not pose any health risk to humans, pets or the environment  



Mint-X® Rodent Repellent Trash Bags are the only EPA registered and patented rodent repellent trash bags in the world. Using a blend of plant-derived mint oils, Mint-X® Rodent Repellent Trash Bags are designed to smell fresh when used inside the home and keep rodents, Cockroaches and raccoons away when outside for trash collection. The EPA registration ensures that Mint-X® Rodent Repellent Trash Bags are effective at repelling rodents and raccoons from the trash, while being entirely safe for humans and pets. And now, the plastic strength is stronger than ever with MintFlex® flexible bag technology! Mint-X offers a solution to all businesses that are challenged with maintaining sanitary conditions. Mint-X will eliminate rats, rodents, Cockroaches and other pests from basements, curbsides and alleys of apartment buildings keeping tenants confident in management’s ability to maintain a clean building. Mint-X trash bags can help keep the public parks beautiful by preventing rats, rodents and other pests from spreading garbage and disease where people are sitting, playing and eating. Any company engaged in food processing and preparation can benefit from making sure that rats, rodents and other vermin will not penetrate the trash bags while waiting for sanitation pick up. Any large complex like schools, universities, prisons, corporations that serves hundreds or thousands of meals per day must contain their garbage to prevent exposure to rats, rodents, raccoons and other pests that penetrate trash bags. The bag is 100 percent safe to handle just like a regular trash bag.

• Mint Scented Trash Bags: Strong and durable, tall kitchen trash bag contains high-quality mint oils that keep your kitchen smelling fresh and clean while naturally repelling any unwanted pests.
• Botanically-Derived Active Ingredients: Mint-X rodent repellent tall kitchen trash bags feature a blend of plant-derived essential oils that eliminate the problem of foraging rodents near the garbage site
• Keeps Rats, Cockroaches, raccoons, and squirrels Away: Mint-X rodent repellent tall kitchen trash bags are designed specifically to handle daily kitchen and household waste while keeping your kitchen fresh and clean and repelling any unwanted pests
• Strong and Durable: These tall kitchen trash bags are made with 0.90 mil heavy-duty, thick, and super strong plastic. Comes in a variety of sizes and thickness.

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  1. Vaiga

    Good quality garbage bags at reasonable prices.

  2. Jai Raj

    Good product, the thickness is sufficient to hold daily kitchen waste, serves the purpose. Keeps pests away to a great extent.

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