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Evexia D-Manage Malt based Supplement For Diabetics 500 gms

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Malt-based dietary supplement for managing the diabetic level.



Evexia D-Manage is a malt-based dietary supplement for managing the diabetic level. Diabetes, one among the many lifestyle diseases is caused by imbalanced nutrition and lack of physical exercise. High glucose level, a symptom that characterizes diabetes can be kept on check by regulating food intake and consumption of foods with low Glycemic Index (GI) value. Consuming foods that improve the function and health of the pancreas also helps to lower glucose levels, improving insulin secretion, and cellular insulin sensitivity.
D-Manage has a Low GI value (36) because of the clean blend of easily digestible proteins. Topped off with Curcumin and Chromium Picolinate to help improve pancreatic function and insulin sensitivity.

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  1. Chelsia Sunil

    Brilliant product for diabetes control! Great taste too. Really loving the product!

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