We are our own worst enemy

Kalidas before he became a wise and learned man was a dimwit, the man who sawed a treebranch, sitting at the wrong end. He cut the branch and broke his bones successfully, a somewhat similar situation is faced by humanity now.

The best a woman can get!

Back in the day, anything that happened to you was final. If you fall down from your cycle and scratch your knees, there will be marks that stay forever. Now, there is technology to make it look like it never happened, just a bad dream.
Migraine Relief kit box

My head aches for relief

There are two types of pain in this world, pain that hurts and pain that changes us. A normal headache is irritating, like a stinging feeling from under your skin, you can’t do anything about it, you can only wait it out.

The new norm is prevention

The world faces an enemy that it does not know how to fight. We as a race have always had illnesses that have baffled us. The plague, smallpox, HIV and until recently our biggest threat, CANCER.

Habits are a choice, change it.

In the 21st century choosing what to eat is a herculean task, gone are the days when you need to forage for food, now we “Swiggy it”. This advanced technology allows us to choose whatever we want and in that wide array of choices we have somehow forgotten what’s good and bad.
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